In Monday night’s City of Miami Springs Council Meeting, it was revealed that the current property owners of the old Circle Theater property are proposing adding a three story building that includes:

  1. First floor retail
  2. Second and third floor residential with up to 52 residential units
  3. A parking garage

The proposal requires the city to reduce the minimum apartment size from 900 square feet to 700 square feet with an 800 square feet minimum unit average.

That would be adding an approximate 41,600 sq ft of residential space to downtown Miami Springs.

Here are some of the comments we received on social media regarding decreasing the minimum apartment size requirements:

What do you think?  Do you like the idea of adding 52 apartment homes to the old Circle Theater?

You can share your thoughts directly with the City Council.  Here are their direct emails:

City Manger:


Councilwoman Maria Mitchell:

Councilman Bob Best:

Councilman Jaime Petralanda:

Councilwoman Mara Zapata:


  1. Everyone is talking about property values and “Hialeah-style housing” but, the biggest concern should be the congestion. Imagine how bad it will be ?

  2. This should become a cultural arts center with music, dance, art, drama, technology arts, and poetry…a film studio and a community gathering place – not yet another tiny apartment complex bringing more traffic congestion to a small town feel environment. Residents pay for premium real estate because it has retained a small town feel in an already congested So. Florida area. Sad to see some things have such little value anymore.

    • Dream on Lourdes. We would all love this to happen, but who is going to pay for it? Would you be willing to pay higher taxes to fund this plan? The downtown indeed needs more life. It is totally dead at present with businesses opening and closing daily. Congestion? Yes! Why not close the bridges? No easy answers.

    • The Circle theaters current status speaks volumes as to Miami Springs “interest” in preserving arts and culture so perhaps build a new police (or new city hall) facility there in the theatres place (using the current proposal) thus providing traffic control, upgraded building now perfect for 700sq ft offices easily converted to an emergency control center for residents during storm season complete with vehicle storage or safer parking for nearby businesses eliminating the need for apartment re-zoning. (Build the new cultural facility in the old MDPD building away from the Circle but near the recreation center)


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