The City of Miami Springs City Council Meeting set the initial tax millage rate at 7.5228.   (NOTE:  We had originally published 7.528 earlier.  The correct number is 7.5228.) That’s a 3% increase over our current millage rate of 7.330.  NOTE:  This is not the final millage rate.  The city may reduce the millage rate below this number, but it cannot go higher.

City Hall

Here’s how our current rates compare to nearby cities:

  • Virginia Gardens:  5.10
  • Hialeah:  6.3018
  • Medley:  5.050
  • Doral:  1.90
  • Miami Springs:  7.330
Preferred Partner
Milam's Markets in Miami Springs

Preferred Partners
BDC ConstructionWalter Fajet for City Council Group IIIHole 19Applied GrammarMilam's Markets in Miami Springs


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