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Homeless on 36th Street

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Congratulations.  I hope Billy and Zavier are proud of the legacy they created of diminishing our police force, while increasing crime on 36th street.  Have you seen the homeless camps on 36th street?  A full on homeless camp.  Wow.  Nothing cheapens rents for our hotels than a homeless camp.  Yes.  We should be sensitive to their plight, but they DON'T belong on 36th street.  Move 'em out.  Maybe if we eliminate some of the prostitution, gangs, and drugs, we'll eliminate some of the human trafficking.  

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The homeless is more of an indicator of the decline of Miami Springs.  I don't see homeless camps on Brickell or Coral Gables.  Why do we accept homeless camps in Miami Springs?  It used to be you would see the homeless east of LeJeune or on the other side of the canal.  Now, I see more homeless in Miami Springs than on Okeechobee.

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Those politicians are horrible and should never be allowed to run again in Miami Springs.