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Hundreds of Miami Springs Senior High Alumni, local residents, and fun local youngsters joined in for the largest Harlem Shake filmed in Miami Springs.

Filmed during the MEGA Reunion and produced by Golden Hawk Cesar Nuñez, it recorded the huge crowd as one man began his dance…the start of the Harlem shake…while the crowd waited. Then, as the song calls out, “…and do the Harlem Shake” the entire crowd screamed, jumped, and danced. Cheerleaders stood on shoulders, kids jumped up and down, and overall, the crowd went wild.

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It was a highlight of an outstanding evening that included great weather, a HUGE turnout, and awesome music from local DJ and MSSH Alum, Jorge aka DJ Wi-Wi.

You can see the unedited clip here:

See the finalized version produced by Cesar Nuñez here:


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