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Crime on 36th Street

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Coming home, I see two patrol cars along NW 36th Street where they had appeared to stop an African American prostitute and her pimp.  Wild speculation on my part, but she was young, disheveled, and not wearing much.

Then about another block west I see another African American young lady in scantily clad clothing walking the street.  Her was straight, layered, and perfect.  She was actually quite stunning.  But her clothing, her walk, her pumps, makeup and the fact that she was by herself made her appear like another call girl on 36th street.

The cops are never going to win the battle against the oldest profession known to man.  It's the city leadership that needs to say enough is enough and put on a full task force to rid ourselves of this nasty crime.

36 street looks like a ghetto.  Homeless camps along the airport.  Call girls walking the Miami Springs motel strip.  Cars getting broken into.  Underaged girls being abused and trafficked.  Drug dealing.  Long are the days the NFL greats would stay along Miami Springs hotels.  

Who would ever want to stay at one of our hotels if it were not that they are cheap?  Cheap hotels bring in cheap customers and crime.  

The residents who live on the east end of Miami Springs are fed up with crime that filters into our community.  

The cops have NO time to patrol our streets because the taxes we pay them are being eaten up by the demands from the hotels. The hotels don't pay any bed taxes to help us recover the expenses.  

The residents foot the bill.  The residents get the crime.  The hotel owners get the money.    The hotel owners pay off the next politician to build another hotel making the situation worse.

This election cycle, we need some candidates that'll be tough on crime.