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Thomas Curtis' Gazette a shill for BLM

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The local mullet wrapper published a letter titled "Concerned about a candidate" in which Kathy Doyle voices her concern about Vincent Medel's partisanship.

Of course there is no mention of Victor Vazques' association with BLM or his Marxists ideology and this letter is clearly politically motivated to help Vazquez.

My biggest concern is that Tomas Curtis, a know supporter and shill for the Democratic party and their leftist ideology saw fit to publish this letter knowing that there would not be sufficient time for a rebuttal before the election and the damage (if any) was irreparable.

I really don't know what is lower than publication being called a "Mullet Wrapper", but the Gazette is there. 

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Oye, you act like the newspaper is still relevant.  It goes from the mailbox to the recycling bin.  It's more of a monthly magazine than a paper these days.  A few old farts pay attention to it and that's it.

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