Back in 2016 the City of Miami Springs removed the beloved wooden tot lot built by the community.  The city paid an estimated $319,000 for the removal of the old wooden playground and for the installation of the new plastic playground we have today.

In May of 2019 the City Council agreed to pay Leathers and Associates $329,217.60 to disassemble, store and then re-assemble the playground in a new configuration to make space for the Senior Center expansion.  Plus, they agreed to pay an additional $127,400 for rubber flooring.


Despite having to pay for the tot lot twice in less than 4 years, the good news for the kids is that the tot lot is nearing completion.  (Kids don’t care how much this cost.  They just want to have a good time.)

Prince Field Tot Lot

As you can see, crews are hard at work completing final touches to be able to re-open the tot lot after being closed for months.

Prince Field Tot Lot

As a family friendly community, we are happy to see that the new tot lot will soon be available for families to enjoy.

Prince Field Tot Lot

For those of you who are fiscally minded, you may not be happy that we paid for the tot lot twice in less than four years…nearly $800,000.00.  Here’s a recap of the costs:

  • 2016 demolition of the wooden tot lot / installation of plastic tot lot:  $319,000.00
  • 2019 removal, storage, re-assembly + new swings:  $329,217.60
  • 2020 addition of rubber flooring:  $127,400.00

TOTAL TOT LOT COST:  $775,617.60

Prince Field Tot Lot




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