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Connect your message with the most engaged Miami Springs audience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Reach over 20,000 visitors each month including local residents, businesses, and interested parties.

Top 5 Reasons to Advertise with

  1. is not only the most popular website in Miami Springs, it’s the #1 hyperlocal website in Miami-Dade county!  (Source:  Alexa website rankings.)
  2. We reach over 20,000 residents, businesses, students, and interested parties each month.
  3. It WorksWe have the strongest local social media reach:
    • 10,000+ Facebook Fans
    • 2,000+ Twitter Followers
    • 3,000+ Instagram Followers
  4. We reach over 8,000 email subscribers each week.
  5. It works.  We are blessed to have amazing long term advertisers who commit because it works.  Special thanks to BDC Construction, The Leonard Real Estate Group, ATACO by Divino, and Milam’s Markets for their long-term support.

Advertising Rates:

Our rates are budget friendly and extremely competitive.  Advertising is not about the expense, but the Return on Investment or R.O.I.   In other words, for every dollar you spend on advertising, you want to make sure you’re getting more dollars back in return.  Good advertising on the right medium from quality companies with a quality product can provide a tremendous R.O.I.  We are very proud to provide a positive Return on Investment for our partners.

Compare and Save

As you know, people spend more time on their phones and on the Internet than they do  watching TV.  We have a texting / holding cell phone while driving epidemic.  The addiction is real.  Nevertheless, some businesses still like to spend their money on newspapers.  That’s okay, we like our local newspaper, too, but you might be surprised how far your dollar will go.  The chart below compares the 4 week rate advertising on compared to advertising in The River Cities Gazette (back when they used to publish weekly)As you can see below, you get 24/7 website exposure, plus a weekly email newsletter, plus a weekly social media push that reaches in excess of 20,000 each month for about what a quarter page ad in The Gazette used to cost when they published weekly

Now, to be fair, a newspaper is always more expensive.  They have printing and distribution costs.  It’s far more expensive to print and distribute newspapers than it is to post a story online that thousands of people can see.  Thus, advertising with allows the advertiser to reach more people for the same amount of expense.

In other words, you get a better bang for your buck advertising online.

Other Key Benefits:

  • Ads on appear on every page, not just one page in an entire newspaper.
  • Ads don’t just sit there…they link to your website
  • Digital ad links improve your Search Engine Ranking with Google
  • We can link to videos that tell a more compelling story about your business
  • Live videos from your store or place of business

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Here’s what you get…

300 x 300 Website Banners:

  • 300 x 300 pixel website banner
  • Appears on virtually every page of the website
  • Links to your website or social media platform
  • Improves SEO for your website
  • Reaches over 20,000 visitors / month
  • Valued at $500 / month

300 by 300 Banner Ad

The Leonard Real Estate Group


600 x 600 Website Banners:

  • 600 x 600 pixel website banner
  • Appearance:
    • Bottom of every article on the website
    • Ad rotation after the 2nd paragraph of every article on
  • Links to your website or social media platform
  • Improves SEO for your website
  • Reaches over 20,000 visitors / month
  • Valued at $500 / month

Below, you’ll see a sample article and an advertisement for BDC Construction after the 2nd paragraph.


Weekly Email Newsletter

We email over 6,000 Miami Springs residents, businesses, and interested parties each week.  Promote your business, event, or news story via email.

600 x 600 Email Banners:

  • 600 x 600 pixel email banner
  • Reach over 6,000 local residents, businesses, and interested parties
  • Delivered weekly
  • Includes 4 email insertions per month
  • Valued at $500 / month



Facebook Post has over 10,000 fans on Facebook, nearly 5,000 members in the Miami Springs Community Group, over 2,000 followers on Twitter, and over 3,000 on Instagram.  We can promote your business, school, organization or event with a weekly social media post.

  • Social MediaWeekly Social Media Post
  • Reach up to 10,000 Facebook Fans and up to 2,000 Twitter Followers
  • Includes 4 social media posts per month
  • Valued at $750 / month


Reach the Miami Springs / Virginia Gardens audience online 24/7 via the website, plus a weekly email insertion and a weekly social media post.  Simply the best, most comprehensive way to reach customers no matter how they engage online.




  • 300 x 300 pixel Medium Website Banner
    • 24/7 Promotion on every page of
    • ($500 Value / Month)
  • 600 x 600 pixel Large Website Banner
    • 24/7 Promotion on every article on
    • ($500 Value / Month)
  • 600 x 600 pixel Large Email Banner
    • Weekly Email Insertion
    • 4x / Month
    • ($750 Value / Month)
  • Weekly Social Media Post
    • Promote via FaceBook and Twitter
    • Promoted 4x / Month
    • ($750 Value / Month)

TOTAL VALUE:  $2,500 / Month


Get all 4 for just $750 / Month

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We have added new advertising options for 2022.  These include:

  • Dedicated Email to 8,000+ subscribers
  • New Home Page Pop-Up
  • Dedicated Video Remote



Share your message to over 8,000 local email subscribers.  You provide the artwork, content, story and links.  If approved, we’ll send it to our list of subscribers.

  • Benefits:
    • Get instant reaction to your promotion
    • 100% attention to your brand and/or offer
    • Instant opens / clicks
  • Description
    • Email comes from
    • Subject line and content are based on your creative
    • It’ll appear as “A special message from our sponsor: XYZ Brand.”
  • Price:
    • $1,500 per email distribution


Get your promotion in the face of every visitor to with a Pop-Up Ad.

  • Benefits:
    • Immediate attention from readers
    • Highest click through rates
    • The best ad unit for driving web traffic to your site
    • The equivalent of a full page back cover ad in a newspaper
  • Description
    • 600 x 600 popup ad on desktop
    • 300 x 300 popup ad on mobile
    • Popup appears once per visitor
    • Ad reappears after 10 minutes
  • Price:
    • $1,500 per month



We personally visit your business and do a live stream video via Facebook.  Then, we share the video on YouTube and share the video through our social media platforms.

  • Benefits:
    • Introduce yourself and your business the way only video can
    • Let our audience see YOU and YOUR business
    • Reach thousands of potential customers
  • Description
    • Live-Stream Video Remote on’s Facebook Page
    • We interview the key spokesperson and do a live walkthrough of your business if appropriate
    • After the live-stream, we upload your video to YouTube
    • We then post the video to and share on our other social media platforms
  • Price:
    • $375 per remote session


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