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Stomach Aches

Stomach Aches and Tips to Prevent Intestinal Gas

It’s natural to have gas in your digestive tract. In fact, gasses are a combination of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. Excessive gas can cause intense, temporary pain. People who suffer discomfort from...
Glenn Curtiss Father of Naval Aviation - Original Top Gun

Embry-Riddle Recognizes Glenn Curtiss’ Accomplishments – Miami Springs should do the same

During the 4th of July weekend, we were able to do a little college scouting for my oldest son as he evaluates the pros and cons at various engineering schools.  On our journey we...

Go Ahead, Bite Me, I Dare ya!

There are many reasons to live in Florida not one of which is sharing space with the lowly mosquito. We live in paradise but so do they. We worry about Traffic, health issues and...
Miami Springs Councilman Victor Vazquez

Interview: Miami Springs City Councilman Victor Vazquez re: Candidacy for Miami-Dade County Commission...

We sat down with Miami Springs Councilman Victor Vazquez who is resigning this fall to run for Miami-Dade County Commission District 6.  That's the seat currently held by Rebeca Sosa. As Vazquez explained to us...
4TH OF JULY PARADE IN MIAMI SPRINGS (Photo credit @springviewpta)

Sights and Sounds from the 4th of July Weekend in Miami Springs

The 4th of July is a special weekend in Miami Springs that brings out the whole community to participate.  From the classic car show to the greatest small town 4th of July parade to...
Florida Iguana

How common are iguanas in Florida?

With their look between a lizard and an ancient dinosaur, iguanas have found their home in Florida’s shrubs and trees. They can be found anywhere from small towns to large urban areas. Among the...

Forrest Drive Apartment Complex Sells for $7 Million

According to @tradedmiami, the apartment complex located at 611 Forrest Drive sold on June 10, 2022 for $7,000,000.  According to Miami-Dade Property records, the property features 36 one bedroom, one bath apartment units. The apartment...
Miami Springs Canal Wide Sign

Should City Add Sign Promoting Miami Springs? If so, where?

The Miami Association of Realtors has offered the City of Miami Springs another grant opportunity that involves a city name sign to be placed at a location the city chooses.  There are three key...
Hillah Sara Mendez Code Compliance Magistrate

Volunteer Code Compliance Board Replaced with Paid Magistrate Services

The City of Miami Springs City Council approved a resolution that effectively eliminates the volunteer Code Compliance Board and replaces it with paid magistrate services. Concerns that were raised regarding the Code Compliance Board by...
Parking on Curtiss Parkway Stadnik Way

City Council Establishes Parking Fees for Future Developments in Gateway Overlay District

The City of Miami Springs City Council passed a resolution on Monday, June 17, 2022, establishing a Parking Fee for any on-street parking used to satisfy the parking requirements by any developer building in...
Mr. Nelson Gonzalez Principal at Miami Springs Senior High

New Principal at Miami Springs Senior High

Miami Springs Senior High announced that Mr. Nelson Gonzalez has been appointed as the new principal of the high school.  Congratulations to Principal Gonzalez, the newest member of the Golden Hawk family.

Public Notice: Miami-Dade County Commission Public Hearing on Virginia Gardens Annexation Proposal

Thursday, July 7, 2022 - 9:30 AM Government Center - 111 NW 1st Street Commission Chambers - Miami, FL 33128 The Village of Virginia Gardens has filed an annexation (boundary change) application to make the unincorporated...

Public Notice: Miami-Dade County Commission Public Hearing on Proposed Annexation by City of...

Thursday, July 7, 2022 -9:30 AM Government Center - 111 NW 1st Street Commission Chambers - Miami, FL 33128 The City of Miami Springs has filed an annexation (boundary change) application to make the unincorporated area...

Juveniles Detained on Hook Square over ‘Orbeez Challenge’

We got a tip from residents on Dove Avenue of some juveniles supposedly shooting at some passersby with a pellet gun.  So we reached out to Miami Springs Police Chief, Armando Guzman, to find...
Parking Along Canal Street Miami Springs

Draft Memo Establishes Parking Fee for Gateway Overlay District

The City Planner for the City of Miami Springs has drafted a proposal that would finalize a fee for on-street parking for developers that don't have sufficient off-street parking on their own property within...
Reimagined Circle

Resident Shares Vision for Re-Imagined Circle

Dear Editor Agree 100% with your comments Nestor to improve this community, especially in conjunction with the centennial celebration. Improvements on signage and building aesthetics & facade will go a long way. In reference to...

Interview: Kevin Marino Cabrera Candidate fror Miami-Dade Commission District 6

We met with Kevin Marino Cabrera, candidate for Miami-Dade County Commission District 6, at the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club for a video interview.  We discuss Mr. Cabrera's background, education, his journey into...

Hostess Foods Has Produced A Limited Edition $TWINKcoin Snack Cake

If you have ‘invested’ or ‘speculated’ in any bitcoin type of what you think is ‘money’ you may be losing your ‘butt’ over your ‘foolishness’. You may have also loved the movie Idiocracy which...

Over 40? Top Health Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

If you spent your 20s and 30s eating junk food, drinking soda, and avoiding the gym like the plague, then your 40-year-old self might be in for a rude awakening. Sure, the younger version...

2022 Average Sale Price in Miami Springs: $656,659

We had the opportunity to sit down with Charlie Leonard and Sean Pascale of the Leonard Real Estate Group and go over the current state of the real estate market in Miami Springs.  According...
City of Miami Springs Municipal Seal

Public Notice: City Soliciting for Banking Services

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Miami Springs ("City") is soliciting proposals for Banking Services. Interested companies, firms, and individuals ("Respondents") may obtain a copy of Request for Proposals No. 05-21/22 (the...

MSSH Class of 1992 is holding a 30 Year Reunion

The Miami Springs Senior High Class of 1992 (dubbed: "Simply the Best") is having a 30 year class reunion this August.  This is a once in a lifetime event to reconnect with fellow Golden...
Warren Pony Swing Bridge connecting Hialeah and Miami Springs

Warren Pony Swing Bridge Connecting Miami Springs and Hialeah Since 1924

The Warren Pony Swing Bridge was the first major bridge to connect Miami Springs and Hialeah.  The bridge is sometimes called the "Incoming Bridge" since it is now a one way incoming route from...
Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava

Miami-Dade Mayor Hosting Housing Summit at Marlins Park

Miami-Dade Mayor, Daniella Levine Cava, is hosting the Mayor's Housing Summit to discuss affordable and workforce housing options.  Reading the tea leaves from the the last Board of County Commissioners Meeting, there's an effort...
Rizo Avila

Apathy or Intimidation? Uncontested Seats in Florida House & Senate

Bryan Avila was expected to win the Florida State Senate seat formerly held by Manny Diaz, Jr. who is now the Florida Commissioner of Education.  He is widely popular and well regarded by the...
Chiropractor Massaging Patient

What do chiropractors treat?

Visiting a chiropractor is a great idea when you suffer from pain since chiropractors are trained to perform spinal manipulations using their hands. They also apply other alternative treatments to properly align the musculoskeletal...

2026: The World Cup is Coming to Miami During Miami Springs’ 100 Year...

The time is NOW to make improvements to Miami Springs.  Not only will Miami Springs reach its centennial celebration, but the World Cup is coming the same year.  Our proximity to the airport and...
Miami Springs City Manager William Alonso

Letter Addressing 1 Curtiss Parkway Parking Fee

To All Miami Springs Residents, Council, and City Attorney; For the Record City Officials Have Now Said That We Should Not Have Believed What Those City Officials Had Previously Said The June 13th Council meeting discussion...

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What's the Buzz?

Go Ahead, Bite Me, I Dare ya!

There are many reasons to live in Florida not one of which is sharing space with the lowly mosquito. We live in paradise but...

Welcome To Florida or as we sometimes say WTF!!

We’d like to welcome to South Florida all the tourists that have been fed up the last two years by not being comfortable away...

Airline Legroom Shrinking Like a Raisin in the Sun

Airlines have pinched us from the palette to the posterior and we paid for the privilege. Flying to a vacation destination is like eating...

Disney and Florida: It’s A Brawl World After All

Have we all calmed down from the initial series of ‘new rules’ here in the State of Florida? Yes, the rules certainly are different...
Valentine's Day Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is Almost Here

Dust off that credit card, here comes Valentine’s Day. Of all the year’s holidays, this one gives you the opportunity make a lasting impression on...
Woodys Backyard Grill

Virginia Gardens

NW 36th Street Accident at Curtiss Parkway

Mayor Deno Trying to Improve Traffic Safety at Deadly Intersection

Virginia Gardens Mayor, Spencer Deno, is trying to make the intersection of NW 36th Street...

Dangerous Accident at Deadly Intersection

A dangerous accident Sunday evening left two cars destroyed, but fortunately everyone was able to...

VG Selects New Police Chief

The Village of Virginia Gardens selected Ray "Nandy" Hernandez as the new Village of Virginia...

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