#12 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Lack of Congestion and Traffic

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs

Miami Springs is a residential community with low density housing, parks, and a beautiful 18 hole golf course.  In addition, Miami Springs is blessed with important borders that prevent most, if not all cut-through traffic.  These borders, along with the low density housing creates a community with very little traffic and congestion once you get inside.

It’s nice to get home from a long day and have light traffic and a sunset greeting you home.

It’s also great to start your day with the first 5 minutes of driving as peaceful as this.

That doesn’t mean you might not get the occasional delay.  The duck crossings can add an additional 30 seconds to your trip.

Duck Crossing

Nevertheless, our streets greet you with peace and serenity.

The only exceptions to traffic is the downtown circle in the afternoons, and NW 36th street which borders the airport along the southern border of the city.  However, once you’re inside the residential streets, it’s a quiet, stress free ride.  In fact, Miami Springs residents know they are home once they get into Miami Springs.  The stress of work, the day, and the commute begins to dissipate once you’re doing 30mph on our peaceful tree-lined streets.