1. This Vazquez guy just ruined the Springs by voting in favor of the UTD graffiti mural now he’s going to ruin Miami Dade. Thesemar woke people are ruining our towns it’s all these liberal woke politics.

  2. Unionize Starbucks, what a joke! Yeah my 17 y/o can’t aspire to anything more than making coffee. This is just another corruption from the mafia unions.

  3. First, the city should have fought the UTD harder on the murals. It was dumb to just fold. The two who wanted to fight harder were the ladies: Mayor Mitchell (she’s a champ!) and up and comer Jacky Bravo.

    The City should allow murals on one side of the building only. The mural shouldn’t face north or south, only east and west. Only allow them on 36th Street. We don’t need murals everywhere.

    It’s already getting out of hand, no thanks to the axxholes at the UTD.

  4. Can the Springs, along with Virginia Gardens, be gated? Close all the loose entrances on 36th street and have entrances only on Curtis? Maybe put a guard? Another gate Poncianna? Thoughts?

  5. Instead of protesting outside Starbucks for higher wages, they could be holding signs promoting Starbucks specials. That would increase sales. That would increase the value of the employee. Nope. They won’t do that. Let’s protest outside the business because that’s going to help sales and boost profits. These babies have not been taught how businesses work. Socialist mindset on display for all to see.

    • You must not know him. Not only is he an excellent CM but even a better Financial Director. Guy does two jobs for one. Save us all tax money. Stop you whining and get to know him before you talk garbage about someone like him.

      • Don’t be cheap. Alonso is an Opa-Locka retread.

        We need a New Finance Manager and a New City Manager. Having the City Manager do both jobs puts too much power in one person. Those positions should be separated. Saving one headcount is shortsighted.

        Besides, all the bad things happening have been under William’s watch. Who was the CM while this stupid downtown project was approved without enough freaking parking? Alonso. That alone deserves a kick in the rear.

        Who’s the CM that has allowed all the crime and prostitution on 36th Street? Alonso. FYI – The Chief of Police reports to Alonso. He has hire / fire authority over the police chief.

        Speeding continues to be a problem.

        What has he done that is so wonderful? I don’t see it. I see a City deteriorating. The City Council has a hammer they can use to get better results. It’s time to use the hammer.

      • I have dealt with him, and he is way over his head in that job. He may be a very nice guy, but he is NOT City Manager material.

  6. The women of the city council had more balls than the men versus the UTD. Thank you Mayor Mitchell for always protecting Miami Springs. Thank you Jacky Bravo for your backbone. Bruh, ya’ll knew Vazquez was going to support UTD. Bob Best is the Miami Springs Joe Biden. He been lost his mind. It’s a shame Fajet didn’t show the “cojones” the ladies showed on the council. “C’mon man!” He lost his man card on that vote.

  7. Welcome to Windwood Springs, We will now have to allow all graffiti to our once beautiful clean neighborhood. Just because the UTD Union has so much power that no one dared confront.
    We now have to allow unauthorized graffiti all over.

    Sad day when our council does not represent our citizens and lets outsiders and unions rule.

    • Stay angry; good and angry and remember this at the next elections. Vote out ALL the teachers and the town drunk.

  8. “We’re happy we were able to come to an agreement,” Hernandez-Mats said. “We feel bad we had to go through such a long process. We want to be good neighbors and want to make that area better and engage residents.” – Next time, follow Miami Springs rules. UTD is like typical rules. They apply to everyone else, but themselves. And they are so neighborly, they attacked the city, the council, and spread fake news. Wow. That’s endearing.

  9. The UTD is a political organization. Screw them. What a bunch of A-Holes. They were so rude at today’s council meeting. Including the clown face herself la Zapata.

  10. Banning styrofoam. Ugghhh. Is this to prevent Chik-fil-a from moving in. They have the best shakes in styrofoam cups.

    • I agree with others that this is not the most important issue facing Miami Springs at this time. Perhaps other quality of life issues could be address like enforcing the noise and traffic ordinances with the cars with the loud stereos that rattle the dishes when they drive by your house, the willful obstruction of traffic by ever other yard maintenance person with a truck and a trailer, and perhaps trying to put some controls on the Air B&B’s just to name three.

  11. Agree one million percent! If he shows favoritism toward UTD then our family and friends will never cast a vote for him again. However, if he votes accordingly to the law especially after such an exhaustive process through so many depts and boards, he will be one day Mayor. He was a teacher and seems very cuddly with Zapata and the Kats woman president so this will be his big test. Come on Vasquez, you were a history teacher and have some smarts. Keep your bias out of the decision and vote according to our regs. And remember what Miami Springs did to that poor tattoo guy who painted a mural in his back alley near the trash dump! fair is fair.

    • Apparently, you didn’t do your due-diligence and investigated Vazquez when he first appeared on the Miami Springs political scene. He has a history of being a Puerto Rican activist, pro BLM and thought to be by some a Marxists. One of the flyers received on his behalf was by an Orlando PAC with close relations to George Soros. Read up on the Miami Dade Democratic Party website and see the amount of backing he received to run for this local “non-partisan” seat.
      The fox has moved in, and the chickens are unaware.

  12. I LOVE the idea of a statue of Glenn Curtiss near the Curtiss Parkway entrance to the city. Where do I sign up to donate?

  13. Council: Vazquez is not a crazy radical. He’s actually been good. I don’t think he’s going to vote against the UTD since they supported him. We’ll see. I’ll vote for him again if he stands strong for equal justice and applies it to the UTD equally and doesn’t show favoritism to the UTD.

    • I think that you are in for a major disappointment, both Vazquez and the UTD are funded by the same organization.

    • He already voted in favor of the UTD. What other ordinance are they going to break in Miami Springs? Build in the Golf Course low income housing? Paint graffiti in all the circle buildings? He is not for the Springs. He is for special interest and outside groups. Not my vote and I will tell everyone of my friends and family to vote for whoever runs against him next time. Is not that he is a teacher I am a teacher too.

  14. what dingbat suggested light colors were bad? this person should immediately be recalled. meanhwile we have drugs and crime and the circle.

  15. We love Miami Springs because each home is different. We don’t live in a cookie cutter community. That includes choosing my own colors.

  16. First, the Ukrainians are fighting hard for something we say we value.i.e Freedom. Do we need
    to “suck it up?” Yeah, if nothing more than for the sake of those willing to lay down their lives
    for something we say is sacred. A recent poll found that if the US were to face what the Ukrainians are facing, only 55% of Americans would be there. Yeah, suck it up. When the gougers are done prices will go back down. It’s only gasoline, not AMERICAN blood. Atop the whine.—Hell yes we need a statue of Glenn Curtiss. Just sayin.’ I grew up in Miami Springs and went to Glenn Curtiss Elementary and graduated from HHS ’65.

  17. Thanks to the Council for approving the “new and improved” Miami Springs Circle. What a cluster! It’s been happening for days. Not just with today’s exaggeration, but yesterday too. And its only gonna get worse.

  18. many reports of irs and other checks being stolen about miami springs especially around the miami springs senior high school area. if you get informed delivery and it says check coming… good luck! sad to say but parttime carriers may be involved. if you are missing a check file a complaint with united states postal service inspections service not with local post office.

  19. Barry’s Cleaners: How did that project (already short on parking) swallow up a covered parking area to add more retail and did not get a variance? Hmmmm? Who got paid to let that slide? Oh, if you have allegations of corruption send it to the State Attorney’s General. Meanwhile we have an administration that continues to let crap like this happen.

  20. One year ago, gas averaged $2.84. Diesel was at $2.92. Today: $4.35 for regular. $5.05 for Diesel. The spike in regular is bad enough. The spike in Diesel means its more expensive to ship everything around the country. AKA, everything you buy is getting more expensive.

  21. When are they opening Canal Street? The City Administration has allowed the construction crew free rent at the City site for three years. Open up at least an eastbound lane to alleviate some of the Circle backup.

  22. Let’s go Brandon! In one week gas has gone from $3.69 to $4.29. That’s a serious attack on the American economy and spending. If this keeps up, it’s going to hurt the poor the most and then small businesses. Joe Biden has been taken over by AOC and the Green New Deal garbage.

    • if the president doesn’t want to do everything at his disposal that he can do to help the American people it is fine with me . Everyone can see what he isn’t doing

    • This is purposeful. They want the gas ⛽️ prices high. They want to screw this economy. It’s insane. Drill here not overseas.

    • All the talking heads on the major networks are telling you to suck it up America you’re getting exactly what you deserve.

    • We all get the leadership we deserve! Whoever voted for this Idiot that has a 50-year-old track record of wrong choices, and shady dealings and expected things to change screwed the whole world up. We told you this would happen now grin and bear it. Let’s use our own energy and not buy from our enemies. Simple, but not for this administration.

      • This is what this administration has given us:
        According to the yearly Doomsday Clock statement made Thursday in Washington, DC, we’re as near to Doomsday as we’ve ever been, thanks to continued nuclear hazards, disruptive technology, and the apparently unending Covid-19 pandemic.
        “Nuclear weapons and weapons-delivery platforms capable of carrying either nuclear or conventional warheads continued to proliferate, while destabilising ‘advances’ in the space and cyber realms, in hypersonic missiles, and in missile defenses continued.”
        Its experts said last year: “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board today moves the Doomsday Clock 20 seconds closer to midnight – closer to apocalypse than ever.
        “In so doing, board members are explicitly warning leaders and citizens around the world that the international security situation is now more dangerous than it has ever been, even at the height of the Cold War.

        • Wish people would bother to educate themselves a little on things like global supply chains, basic economics, history, etc etc before blaming it all on Joe Biden. Gas prices are up globally, inflation is up globally. The president doesn’t have a magic wand to fix it all. Next thing I’ll hear is how the former president would have done a better job, simply because he had an R next to his name. What a joke.

  23. El festival estaba bueno, pero los precios estaban ridicule para los niños. Necesitan mas cosas para los niños.



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