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  1. Proud Boys leader Enrigue Tarrio has been sentenced to 22 years for seditious conspiracy. The Miami Springs Republican Club owes an apology to the City of Miami Springs and its residents for bringing a group of violent domestic terrorists into our City, and needs to stop threatening residents that oppose these types of militant groups that promote violence in our community.

    • I’m a registered Democrat, but I say the citizens who support the political persecution of people like the Proud Boys for being against socialist insanity are the ones who owe an apology to the rest of us. The division caused by the parasite class that want to destroy the country and impose thoughtcrime on us are the ones who need to sit down and listen.

      It’s time to stop swallowing the slop that oozes from the parasite-class official organs from the malintentioned lying mainstream media.

      THINK independently!

      • Nobody believes that. This is not about political persecution or political beliefs. It is about violent militia groups invading our city.

        Feel free to look up The Proud Boys and Enrique Tarrio on the internet. Read about their activities, their violent past, their role in the January 6 events, the prison sentences their members received and Tarrio’s trial in which he was sentenced to 22 years for seditious conspiracy.

        Approximately three weeks after The Proud Boys received national attention as a violent militia group in the 2020 presidential debates, the Miami Springs Republican Club started bringing them into Miami Springs for their political rallies. We all saw the videos of MSRC President Vince Medel with his arm around Enrique Tarrio. We saw members of The Proud Boys refusing to be filmed unless their masks were on and their identities hidden. We saw The Proud Boys threatening and harassing residents.

        The association between The Proud Boys and Miami Springs gained national media attention when the MSRC Vice President (aka the “Cuban Confederate” from Hialeah) got embroiled in yet another high-profile physical altercation. People wanted to know what kind of ghetto we were living in.

        These people are not residents. We do not need outsiders that are members of violent militia groups, or that otherwise tarnish our image and pull down our property values.

        Miami Springs is a quiet, peaceful, respectful community. It deserves better. It deserves an apology. Medel certainly knows how to post videos, and he certainly knows how to submit a letter to the editor in the local newspaper. He hasn’t done anything of the sort, and that tells you what he and the MSRC are all about. Vote your beliefs, but don’t stand behind organizations that are not helping our community.

        • Congratulations, you were unable to get ONE fact straight in your tirade. NO ONE in the Republican Club violated any laws or committed any crimes in Miami Springs. The Proud Boys committed no crime or violated any laws in Miami Springs and were well within the confines of their constitutional rights. BTW, their rights do not end whenever your feelings get offended; that’s on you.

  2. Change the Voting

    Miami Springs is a wonderful community. Kind of like the “Shire”, the home of the Hobbits by J. R. R.Tolkien. However, there is one thing that I think would improve our municipal system. Do away with the “Groups”. Let all of the potential candidates run under a common election.
    Take the four or five with the most votes for our council. In this way, the best candidates can be the ones with the most votes, not having two or more really qualified people fighting for one group and another group having an unopposed less qualified representative. OK, the mayors race can be separate or not. This would insure we continue to be represented by those individuals that are desired by the majority of our community.

  3. Maybe if Trump doesn’t win the Presidential Election he can be our city manager. I have an in with the trump administration and he’s already been looking for houses on Hunting Lodge Dr with the golf course in the back.

  4. My family were residents of Miami Springs during the 50s,60s and seventies; what a wonderful place to grow up. For the most part I commend the efforts of the people of the Springs for keeping up the traditions that make this city one of the best. I however sense that the leadership is starting to fail this city and in this time of trouble and turmoil it will take strong people to stand up to the “Miami sewer” that surrounds you.


  5. I think the city council will regret not picking Tammy Romero as our next manager. Alonso was a great manager and he gave her his highest recommendation. Romero is a proven steady hand, and she deserved the opportunity. I still can’t believe she wasn’t selected.

  6. Chris Russo was the most experienced CM hands down. Santin and Bravo were correct in supporting Russo. Tammy is a nice person, but she was not as qualified as the other candidates. JC Jimenez is a good choice that everyone could accept. Representative democracy at work. I hope JC cleans up City Hall.

    • i learned today that jc jimenez was forced to leave his bay harbor islands manager job because of an extramarital affair. i know some of the details, but i will get the full story this week. i don’t think anyone checked this guy out.

    • I bet you also thought Joe Biden was a great choice for president because he was the most experienced presidential candidate in US history.

      Romero was the ONLY manager candidate with experience running THIS city. She has proven she can do the job, and she should have received the appointment.

      • I bet you thought Trump was the best choice for president, a rapist, a thief who has 91 indictments, person who has brought out the worst this country has ever seen. Yeah, you keep up the attacks on Biden who’s doing his best while you and your ilk are trying to destroy our country. All you insurrectionist slimeballs should be tarred and feathered and thrown in a cesspool where you belong.

  7. Chris Russo is the best option among the four candidates. Tammy Romero is nice, but she has no leadership experience whatsoever. We need new blood to fix the decades of corruption and ineptitude that has permeated our beautiful city.

    City Manager Rankings:

    1 – Russo
    2 – Jimenez
    3 – Martin
    4 – Romero

    • City Manager Rankings (Corrected):

      1 – Romero
      2 – Jimenez
      3 – Martin
      4 – Russo

      Romero has been a leader in our city government for 20 years.

  8. Nestor – Stop reprinting the article about Charles Stafford. Particularly, printing the killer’s photo and gory details of the crime that happened so long ago. It certainly doesn’t fit well with Stafford’s family, some of whom have lived in the Springs for decades. It defies the ethics of every media organization in the country. “Ethics.” Totally lacking on your page and the pathetic Gazette.

    • Funny, Wally is still holding a grudge after all these years–I doubt there are many others who think the Gazette is “pathetic” but Wally knows, from his hidden place in infamy.

    • Charles Stafford was a racist POS cop that got what he deserved. Dude thought he was such a smart tough guy and broke all the rules chasing that car into another city and not waiting for backup. He was a total jackass and I know that from personal experience with that jerk, glad he’s gone before he killed somebody. He was a bigmouth idiot always trying to cause trouble where there was none.

  9. Great news about the CM leaving, but that is not enough. The City Attorney NEEDS to go; as a matter of fact, the arrangement they have with the law firm needs to be revoked and an independent attorney be hired for that position. We need a City Attorney whose primary fiduciary responsibility will be with the city and not a firm who also represents developers.
    The damage is done, but we must prepare for annexation now with a professional team in place.

  10. So the City Manager is retiring? Yet another city official who’s leaving Miami Springs after getting that downtown project approved. Espino was smart and bailed quickly. Garcia and Bain are gone. The only one left of significance is Alonso.

    • Bruh, when the project is done and there’s no parking left in downtown Miami Springs, these a-holes will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    • I agree separate the two! Annexation will put us underwater as it is they can’t even handle the city as it is the city is looking run down, all they are focused on is lower taxes. Hey I want lower taxes 100% but get your shit squared away before you jump into territory you might not be able to handle. The City can’t afford any more dead weight on these chairs. Does anyone know if the current council members have any opponents?

      • NOTHING beats lower taxes. Every so-called “tax” at any level is theft by any other euphemistic name. What else can you call it when “somebody” tells you how much you have to give them, or else they’ll just take whatever they want and call it punishment, or put you in a cage?
        And even if some people are okay with that, even 51 percent, why is it okay that any 51 percent of any group commands the others to give it up? Who besides God is capable of saying what the “greater good” is?

  11. The city of Miami Springs election is coming soon. it doesn’t matter who y’all vote for. If the city manager isn’t changed, nothing will change. Keep the cm and we’ll keep the same shit. Time for a cm like Bormann who was a resident and invested in the long term quality of life for Miami Springs. Lonso is an idiot.

    • Dude, I agree one million percent. we lost tree city status the sidewalks are a mess garbage pickups often delayed the pending lawsuits against miami springs need i say more? fire alonzo stat is what i support. big fat jerk scamming us too long now.

    • my last comment didnt post. whoever runs this site needs to make it easier. yes alonzo is a first class azz and jerk cares only about himsself. he said he cried at the fligfht 401 memorial yeah right he cried because his lard behind had to attend. he cares little about this city or residerts. borgy did care and we need another like him. we lost tree city status sidewalk dont connect ada lawsuits so much infighting and led by dingbat mayor who is arrogant and pompous. regardless of pronouns i hope the lady or man we hire has big ones to take care of things

  12. I believe in the Constitution. President Trump, who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, is now calling for “the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” I am sorry I ever supported him. No more.

  13. Sunday, December 4, 2022 9:30PM

    I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate all of our elected officials and specially our City Manager and City Attorney in safeguarding our quality of life in Miami Springs. (High sarcasm alert)
    I just got off the phone with the MDPD complaint desk as I can’t hear my TV over the Boom, Boom coming from the 37 Ave venue.
    If any of you had one ounce of decency you would resign and let someone more competent take care of these matters. The County just showed you what they think of us with the Annexation, it is time to get really nasty.

  14. Jim Llewellyn craves attention and will do most anything to stay in the spotlight including sending his “letters to the editor” to the Gazette, Miami Springs website, social medias and more. Some newspapers just ignore him outright.

    Maybe one day he will learn how to write succinctly and legibly.

  15. Another sleepless night in Miami Springs.
    Frida night/Sat morning and from 2:30 am to 5:00am the boom, boom from Hialeah (actually unincorporated Miami Dade County) was intolerable.
    When is the City Attorney (joke) going to earn her pay and file for an injunction against this event, or are we expected to keep the non- emergency number to the MDPD on speed dial to call on weekends.
    Is there ONE single competent person in city government to handle this?
    The Miami Springs City Charter calls for a City Manager form of government as opposed to strong Mayor; well, where are you? (another joke)

    • Good morning my fellow Miami Springs working bees, are you rested and ready to take on a workday following the boom, boom all night until 6AM today MONDAY? ?
      I think that it is time to do a cleans sweep of the council and city hall, can you imagine what would happen to this city in the event of a major catastrophe at the hands of these “leaders” who can’t even handle a quality-of-life noise issue?
      This would NEVER be tolerated in Coral Gables, who incidentally has a lower millage rate; and no, I am not moving to the Gables I just want people here to do their jobs.

  16. Auto service? We were going to go to Doral Auto Care until read some disturbing comments on MS Community Facebook. Don’t feel comfortable sending our daughter there now. The old place in Hialeah off East 1 and 4 is where old timers once went but seems no longer there. Anyone? Buehler?

  17. What a mess! The City Attorney is failing us. They delayed getting a special election date to fill Victor Vazquez’ seat. Now at the last minute they might need a special election. This is some kangaroo court crap.

  18. Crazy back and forth on golf carts. The City of Miami Springs should legalize golf carts on City streets in residential areas and in the downtown district. So much wasteful back and forth. Kids already ride bikes and scooters citywide. There are tons of electric scooters that are being piloted without insurance and safety requirements that are far far far more dangerous than the typical golf cart.

  19. The Miami Springs City Council failed its duty with the vote of CONFIDENCE at the last meeting. They all spent time on the matter about the downtown development and that was definitely a screw up, but no one brought up the fact that the city doesn’t have a separate finance director. The City Manager and the Finance Director is the same person. That’s like the CEO and the CFO being the same person. That’s way too much power in the hands of one person, who has been shown not to have made the best decisions in the past with regards to the downtown project. It’s time to hire a separate Finance Director that way we have one guy checking on the other guy instead of one guy checking on himself.

  20. Bob Best shut Jim Llewelyn down huge at the last meeting when he said ‘Jim sit down!’ Jim is like a broken record, thank you Bob Best for shutting this loser down bigtime. Hey Jim why dont you write another letter to the Gazette so we can all laugh at you.

    • I am not a fan of Jim Llewelyn and his politics; however, he is entitled to voice his opinions in a forum design just for that purpose. Perhaps someday you will realize that the US Constitution was not written for just one point of view.

      • Funny, people who point to the Constitution have often never read it. I actually like Jim, nice guy, but Nancy has just as much of a right to sound off as he does. If you don’t like it, Al, go back to Pinar Del Rio.

        • Oh, I have read it cupcake; and btw, I am not from Pinar Del Rio.
          Apparently reading comprehension was not your strong subject in school, nor was civics.

          • Oh, Allessandra, you have read your guajiro Constitution. Go back and re-read De San Antonio, Maisí, Maceo and Martí. Did you and your bereft balsero family sing your Uncle Willie’s song on the way over in your raft? Ya viene llegando? Now go back to your dishwashing job at Vicki’s.

      • This has nothing to do with the Constitution. Clearly, Jim Llewellyn has been exercising his freedom of speech. No one is denying anyone their freedoms here except you. You are attempting to use the Constitution as a rationale to bully Nancy for voicing her opinion, and then ironically, you claim SHE is the one only allowing a one-sided view. There is nothing wrong with anyone telling someone else they have gone too far in their advocacy. Freedom of speech was never meant to immunize anyone from criticism.

        Jim Llewellyn was given his opportunity to speak. He did. Later, when he tried to interrupt other speakers when it was their turn to speak, he was told to sit down. Perfectly understandable.

        What, then, is the point of your post, other than to bully Nancy for stating an opinion you don’t like? Your attempt to use of the Constitution as a shield is not only wrong, but also hypocritical.

  21. Metro Express company digging up sidewalks now on Apache Street driver on bobcat urinated on my driveway smoking cigarette. told him to stop and he told me something vulgar in spanish. also they started bringing heavy machinery around 630 am and dug up the street making noise and a mess. code says they should start at 8 am? my husband works night shift off at 5 am trying to sleep. so this “lowest responsible bidder” for city projects should start pursuant to code, and not urinate or yell vulgarities at residents.

  22. Why is the City of Miami Springs using tax payer money to print and mail postcards promoting all the incumbent politicians? What a waste of money. They really do love spending OPM (OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY). Not to be confused with OPP.

  23. It’s time we eliminate the remaining elements of corruption from our city. Zilly Baincia and Espino cashed out and are gone. BUH-BYE. Bob Best is on his way out. Hopefully the Council Members will put in George Lob as the temp assignment when Vazquez officially resigns in November. Don’t bring in one of the corrupt brothers. The stink from the corruption is permanently marked downtown by that architecturally out of place downtown disaster. Time to get rid of the City Manager.

  24. MIAMI (AP) — The Miami-Dade School Board overwhelming decided against recognizing October as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer History month which included a measure to teach 12th graders about two Supreme Court cases affecting the LGBTQ community.

      • I am not pushing hate, I am pushing normalcy and relishing on the fact that there are still some out here in government that recognize what normal is.

        • Students in 12th grade should know about current events. They should know about the Supreme Court. They should know about court opinions. They should understand how the judicial system works. They should know history.

          Regardless of the school curriculum, your children are going to learn about sexual orientation. Teaching them about history is not going to change their own sexual orientation; nor will it stop them from discovering it themselves.

          What your children do not learn in a healthy, professional environment, they will learn on the internet.

          What your hatred will do (and yes, despite your denial, it is nothing but hatred) is teach your children that you are a bigot. They will see your posts here. They will see your insults. They will be embarrassed because of you.

          Your hatred will alienate your children and any other family members that are LGBTQ+. It will prevent them from trusting you, and it will cause them to resent you. It will cause them depression. It will subject them to bullying. It may even lead them to suicide because you have instilled them with shame and not with pride. All because you stupidly insist everyone be just like you.

          What is “normal” to your children is not normal to everyone in the country. Should your children be victims of discrimination, too? You do not understand that discrimination over sexual orientation is no different than discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity or national origin, but your children will.

          Your hatred is responsible for incidents like the one that just happened in Colorado Springs.

          No matter what you do, your children will not be as ignorant as you.

        • Al, you Trump supporters are so stupid. Stop trying to push your bogus morals on the rest of the world. What is your normalcy? Hatred toward others who choose to not follow your code? Again, you are really stupid and chose the name “Floyd” because your hero (Andrew Tate) recently mentioned on a Valuetainment podcast that he most admires Floyd Mayweather. Again, you are why conservatives are such a disgrace.

    • I guess that he can receive moneys from Democratic party PACs from Orlando, Miami and Coral Gables, but those folks can’t vote here. Miami just dodged another bullet; I hope the voters here don’t make the same mistake twice.

  25. Guess Jorge Santin let the city have it last night as Miami Springs never posted the council meeting on the YouTube. Somethin to hide?

  26. Cabrera is a well funded, well connected do-boy. I like Trump and will vote for him again. But Trump’s support for Cabrera does nothing for me. Trump is just being loyal to people who were loyal to him. Cabrera has no legislative track record. Cabrera is spending all his money to attack Fors. But what has Cabrera ever done other than volunteer for Trump? That’s like supporting the local Miami Springs GOP President. That guy is a total Trumper, but he wasn’t right for Miami Springs. Cabrera isn’t right for Miami-Dade County.

  27. Vote for Jorge Fors for Miami-Dade County Commissioner. He’s a father of three. He has the most experience. He has the support of police and fire fighters. He has the backing of Rebeca Sosa. He has the most experience. He has the strongest track record.

  28. Is any one else bothered that all the prostitutes arrested recently are so ugly? What does this say about our community? Our prostitutes should at least be 6’s and above. This is not Hialeah.

  29. I seem to remember that the Miami Springs Code only allows one political sign of a particular candidate for each property. Now, either they took this off the books, Code Enforcement somehow drives around blind, or Victor Vazquez has gained Code Enforcement herd immunity from his association with the UTD

  30. As to the loss of the parking money, the answer of what to do is very simple.
    Do not vote for and encourage every neighbor to vote against every counsel member and mayor who did nothing for the past 3 years. If we don’t send a message of what we expect our elected officials to do, then we get stuck with what we have and that’s not good.

  31. Now how did Dr. Yamilet Hernandez at 780 Nightingale Avenue pay off at the City to get the sidewalk NOT to pass through her driveway??? Saw a senior recently almost make the “detour” into the street and almost get hit by a City garbage truck. Looks like a nother lawsuit me thinks.

  32. So Bob Best just endorsed Victor Vazquez. Great job Vic. You got the other UTD fanboy to endorse you. This is still a 2 person race between Cabrera and Fors.

    • Has Vazquez resigned to run for the county, and will that seat be filled by an appointment or a special election?

  33. After reviewing all 4 candidates I am going to vote for Jorge Fors. He has the most experience and understands the issues better than anyone. Victor is a nice guy, but he doesn’t have the energy to fight for us and he’s too connected to the UTD. Dariel Fernandez has no political experience whatsoever and doesn’t convince me he’s prepared to take on the County. Kevin Cabrera is super smooth. Maybe too smooth. But he’s got no depth. He’s smart and talented. I was surprised he received a Trump endorsement for such a local race. That will make some come out and vote, but the Trump haters won’t vote for him just because of this. Cabrera has gone all out attacking the best candidate, Jorge Fors, slinging mud on the man like it’s a sport. I’ve been turned off by all the text messages and negative mail from the Cabrera campaign. Fors has been endorsed by Rebeca Sosa and Maria Mitchell. Fors has been endorsed by local police and firefighters. And he has the most experience of all the candidates serving as a Coral Gables Commissioner. I’m voting for Jorge Fors and I encourage you to do the same.

  34. Looks like ol’ Jim put the City and Gazette on notice. I actually remember when Mayor Billy Bain told TC to sanitize the paper and I think this is why you don’t see “critical” news reports in the Gazette anymore. Its too bad because those stories are what made me look forward to each issue. Many of us now rely on timely news from Nestor not month old stale news and ads in the Gazette, RIP Gazette.

  35. Miami Springs and VG should merge into one municipality. The combined City would be able to save on Police and City Administration. Plus, if annexation happens, it would have a YUGE tax base to lower taxes for everyone.

  36. If annexation fails, we’re never going to get lower taxes. Let’s see what the county commission votes today.

  37. The city straight up screwed up. I don’t think it’s corruption. Hanlon’s razor: “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” They screwed up and don’t want to admit it. The most honest person was Chris Hide:

    The City Planner responded, “Well, we didn’t. And one of the reasons that we didn’t, unfortunately, is because we never had established a fee. We talked about a parking impact fee. But since there was no fee established, it was not applicable to them. And William is right. That one is done. The permits are issued. We can’t go back to them now and say, ‘Well, you owe us a million dollars.’ In hindsight we wish we would have established a fee and charged them something. But we didn’t. This is to close the barn doors.”

    Kudos to Chris for being an honest man and not lying to cover up the mess.

    Alonso has acted shamefully. Maybe he should resign. I don’t know.

    The root of the problem was the former City Attorney who should have advised the City to charge the fee. The root of this entire mess started with Dan Espino.

    Not sure why Nestor didn’t go after him and the current City Attorney more aggressively. The City should consider moving away from the current law firm.

  38. Love how easy some people throw around allegations and claims of corruption, when they don’t agree with the process or understand something. Instead of siting down and talking like humans being hey choose to throw rocks and run like B-TCHES. NO residents showed up to the last council meeting, as you can see on one believes your claims. The people of Miami Springs know better than to be used for your entertainment. GET A LIFE and come back when you have something thats wroth a dam. BTW YOU can pay for the outside counsel, STOP PASSING THE BUCK THE RESIDENTS.

    • William, great points! Pretty sure Jim L. is in hiding after you and your team hit him with the Truth! Funny I saw on their facebook that very few comments or support. Goes to show you how much people think of Jim and his lies. Remember what happened to him on Miami Beach when he said he was a fireman, turned out he was just a meter reader? Nothing to worry about with him, his credibility is about zero now.

  39. Here is an idea.
    When Vasquez vacates his seat to run for the county, appoint Jimmy L. to fill the vacancy.
    I may even start going to the council meetings again to see the fireworks.
    I dare you.

  40. Jim’s “letter” is laughable. Yes, Jim, you go ahead and bring in an outside counsel. What a moron! It’s no wonder we all laugh at you in this town.

  41. Stop whining do something. You need to go after these people and vote them out or start a recall campaign. Whatever you do Miami Springs is going to become Hialeah . Your small town is going to turn into a big city. One great thing about this though is the market is terrific and you could sell your houses and make a huge profit and then move away! Keep smiling amigos!

  42. Jim Borgmann was a local who loved our City and was a great City Manager. Alonso doesn’t live here. And whether he orchestrated the scam downtown development or not, he doesn’t deserve to remain as City Manager. It’s time to shake things up at City Hall.

  43. I do not know a person named Jim or care about him. I check this site about twice a month to see if there is anything newsworthy. As usual, just retards posting nonsense.

  44. Sounds like Jimmy struck a nerve. Is your guilty conscience causing a lack of sleep at night. That is bad for your health. Resigning for health issues is a dignified way to bow out.

  45. It seems like Slippin’ Jimmy is posting and answering his own messages. If you have so many “facts” about complicit behavior here, then why hasn’t anyone taking you or this matter seriously? And there is not a darned thing you can do about it. Your Ethics complaint is the laughingstock of the County – they all laugh at you, Jim. Hahahaha! Go waive your grocer’s study by the canal when you are preaching to the ducks.

  46. jim if you had “facts” why did you wait two years? few people in town care about you or your phony scandal.

    • And yet, you keep talking about it. Jim seems to have free rent in your mind. Sounds like he got your attention. Interesting to see the evolution of the defense. First they stood behind the parking study. When that was debunked they shifted to attacking Jim personally as the city can’t defend the facts. Now they’ve shifted the defense to “That was three years ago.”

      Here are some easy facts that you can understand:

      Fact 1: the city cared more about the developer than the residents.

      Fact 2: the city did nothing to collect fees.

      Fact 3: the city was complicit in allowing the project to move forward and ignored charging any fees.

      Councilman Walter Fajet asked Chris Heid “Chris, what was the fee we charged the Theater Property Developer?”

      The City Planner responded, “Well, we didn’t. And one of the reasons that we didn’t, unfortunately, is because we never had established a fee. We talked about a parking impact fee. But since there was no fee established, it was not applicable to them. And William is right. That one is done. The permits are issued. We can’t go back to them now and say, ‘Well, you owe us a million dollars.’ In hindsight we wish we would have established a fee and charged them something. But we didn’t. This is to close the barn doors.”

  47. Max Milam is a grocer, not an engineer. He needs to stick with keeping his store shelves stock and not get involved in things he is unqualified for. The City of Miami Springs hired an engineering company. FACTS were discussed and made public. And you, Jim, come back two years later seeking redress? It shows how slow you are.

    • The city did not hire an engineering company. The developer hired an engineering company. Get your FACTS straight.

  48. Interest in this matter seems to have waned. Could be that Jim Llewellyn brought it to light and his reputation isn’t so great. Only two comments on his Facebook page. His so-called “article” was heavy on hyperbole, light on facts and oh so hard to read. That’s Jim! Confuses people, goes off in all directions, and when the smoke clears, there are no FACTS to support his claims.

  49. sounds like jim llewellyn posting here under different names. you are acting like amber hurd. hope you face a defamation case by attorney dan espino.

    “Espino has already moved on as a partner with a major law firm that describes itself in part as “serving as the go-to law firm for real estate developers, property owners, and business owners.” Evidently, a resume that includes hatching a sleazy deal with developers at the expense of fellow residents has its rewards.”

  50. There is a lot of corruption in the city government.
    The building official abuses his
    power by working at other cities like Hialeah and Surfside. Search his name on, no wonder he is never
    available to answer his phone or to see us citizens
    in person, can’t even leave a voicemail. I’m sure
    he had something to do with the town center debacle along with the manager and planner. An independent investigation of the city admins should be done. Even the code enforcer seems to have two salaries by working in Surfside. STOP THE CORRUPTION!!! Shame!!

    • Stop hating, you were probably caught doing work without permit. Best Building Official this city has ever had. Looser, coward why don’t you pay him a visit and say it to his face.

  51. There is a lot of corruption in the city government. The building official abuses his power and double dips with by working at other cities like Hialeah and Surfside. Search his name on, no wonder he is never available to answer his phone or to see us citizens in person, can’t event leave a voicemail. I’m sure he had something to with this town center debacle with the manager and planner. The Manager and every other corrupt administrator needs to be investigated. Enough is enough. Even the code enforcer officer works two city jobs with us and Surfside. STOP THE CORRUPTION!!!!

  52. The city manager and anyone associated with the Miami Springs Towne Center (Chris Hide?) need to resign. The city manager has a shady past and its starting to come to light.

    • With the possibility of gaining more territory in the pending Annexation efforts, Miami Springs needs a competent professional City Manager and City Planner now more than ever.
      Look around and see what this past hiring practices have produced in the reduction of quality of life for residents in exchange for monetary gains for special interest and decide if you want to keep promoting this practice.

  53. our city council and mayor need to do better research on vendors. i have high school education and just google this company and looky here.

    Fitness campaign or fraud scheme? Postal inspector, state of California investigating promotion that may have cost hospitals $1 million
    J Burns
    PMID: 10119616
    Erratum in
    Mod Healthc
    The U.S. postal inspector and California authorities are investigating whether a San Francisco-based company called the National Fitness Campaign may have bilked more than 120 hospitals across the country out of nearly $1 million through a physical fitness and wellness promotion. Since 1990, scores of hospitals have paid thousands of dollars for shabby, incomplete or, in many cases, non-existent exercise equipment.

  54. The New Outdoor Training Facility: Who Committed Fraud?
    Normal, IL, USA /
    Catrina Petersen
    Jan 26, 2022 | 12:57 PM
    The New Outdoor Training Facility: Who Committed Fraud?
    Photo courtesy to National Fitness Campaign Facebook page

    More than $180,000 to build it… that’s the an outdoor-training center that could be constructed as early as this summer. The training facility will be built by the National Fitness Campaign, which claims to be a consulting firm on their website.

    “This company, this for-profit company, gave the town a coupon. Which the town is advertising as a grant to build this park. Beyond the $180,000 there’s other expenses were going to have. There’s maintenance, the towns going to hire personal trainers to show people how to use the equipment. We don’t know the full extent of how much taxpayer dollars are being used,” said councilman Stand Nord.

    Nord said he doesn’t know if this was material misrepresentation or fraudulent misrepresentation by the company to public officials.

    “The mayor prepared a document at that meeting stating this company was a non-for-profit,” said Nord. “Did the company give him that? Or was it all made up by the town staff and mayor to tell the council what they wanted to hear in order for this to pass? That is a huge thing, because this is taxpayer dollars. Somebody defrauded the council and we should know how.”

    Nord said a huge red flag is now that the council knows somebody defrauded the council for taxpayer dollars, the mayor and the town manager don’t want to find out who did this.

    “They want to continue spending taxpayer dollars. That is a huge, huge red flag. Why? Why do we have to do business with this particular company and keep spending money with them? Somebody needs to investigate this,” said Nord. “I’m certain the town staff are not going to do it.”

    Nord said he had asked the city attorney, Brian Day, what is the legal status of this ordinance that the council passed if it was based on material misrepresentation and fraud.

    “The mayor ordered the town manager [Pam Reece] not to answer my question. I asked him a legal question,” said Nord. “If you were to sign a contract with someone and it was based on material fraud, immediately that contact is invalid.”

    Nord said the public should be worried, because these are their tax dollars that are being used.

    “The mayor and these other town council members were campaigning, they talked about how fiscally responsible they are,” said Nord. “How they are stewards of the taxpayers dollars. Obviously if they know somebody well enough or a company well enough and they want to spend your money it doesn’t matter how or what the company says. They are going to give them your taxpayer dollars.”

    Doug Damery and the relationship to National Fitness Campaign

    Doug Damery is the Town of Normal Director of Parks and Recreation and serves as the Chairman of the Board for Illinois Park and Rec Association (IPRA) and they partnered with National Fitness Campaign (NFC). On the NFC website they say they partner with cities from across the nation to improve health in communities. IPRA gets funding from NFC for erecting these facilities in communities. Damery’s relationship with the NFC and the money the IPRA would receive was not discussed at the Jan. 4 meeting.

    FOIA obtained by BLNNEWS

    Councilman Scott Preston expressed that he would have liked to see the vote recalled or looked over after learning NFC is a for-profit company.

    Karyn Smith did not attend the Jan. 4 meeting, which means if Preston had voted no, than the outdoor training facility would have been dead.

    In an email Stan Nord sent to the council: “At the last council meeting a Mr. Preston asked if NFC was a not-for-profit. Ms. Reece confirmed they were a non-for-profit. The non-for-profit status was discussed as it related to seeking other bids. The vote was to waive the requirement to seek other bids.”

    Reece did say in the Jan. 4 meeting it appears they are a nonprofit.

    FOIA obtained by BLNNEWS

    BLNnews Editor Diane Benjamin FOIA’d emails that confirm Damery was copied into NFC’s emails that stated his IPRA would get funding for constructing the outdoor facility.

    “I talked to people in Lincoln, there was one that was built down there with the help of a hospital, and they have never seen anybody use it. This is not normal exercise equipment, this is like for extreme exercisers. You can’t use it year round, nobody is going to be outside doing it this time of the year,” said Benjamin.

    Is Stan Nord looking to run in 2022 as State Representative?

    Nord said what it comes down to is: who else wants to get involved?

    “I’m not going to be able to change things by myself. We need more people to get involved. If you watch any of the meetings, I am outvoted most of the time,” said Nord. “If there’s not enough other people wanting to run. Then why should I continue to run if I’m going to be a thorn without any ability to actually make a change. Right now the town council there’s a majority of people who are Chris Koos rubber stamps. I just can’t beat that unless the public wants to start running for office and care.”

  55. Did anyone catch the scam at the meeting last night about the fitness equipment??? There is no “grant” it is only a discount if you pay retail plus for the equipment. Do some research on that Mike Cole guy who spoke, seems like that company has been in lots of hot water out in the San Diego area. But hey $185,000 is a good deal since we get a grant to knock off $30,000. Hey Tom Curtis are you listening? Buehler? Someone getting rich again at our expense.

    • I thought the same thing. That’s not a GRANT. It’s a discount off of MSRP. That’s some bullshit right there.

      And for what? An ugly wall and rubberized flooring? That flooring does not last in South Florida. We’ll get a few boxes and some pull up bars for $155,000?

      1 – It’s FUGLY. Thank you to Walter Fajet for calling that out.

      2 – You get very little for your money.

      3 – They want to turn it into a NASCAR wall with sponsors.

      It’s a horrible idea. That fits better at Stafford Park than on Curtiss Parkway.

  56. dead senior citizen comment alonso. is a lie, i am a member of the senior center and have not been in over a year, was in hospital almost died, live alone. no one called me to check? the young lady at the front desk is either checking her phone or facebook. maybe put her to work calling seniors who have not checked in in a while… the only thing city employees their check are their fat paychecks at our expense.

  57. This Vazquez guy just ruined the Springs by voting in favor of the UTD graffiti mural now he’s going to ruin Miami Dade. Thesemar woke people are ruining our towns it’s all these liberal woke politics.

  58. Unionize Starbucks, what a joke! Yeah my 17 y/o can’t aspire to anything more than making coffee. This is just another corruption from the mafia unions.

  59. First, the city should have fought the UTD harder on the murals. It was dumb to just fold. The two who wanted to fight harder were the ladies: Mayor Mitchell (she’s a champ!) and up and comer Jacky Bravo.

    The City should allow murals on one side of the building only. The mural shouldn’t face north or south, only east and west. Only allow them on 36th Street. We don’t need murals everywhere.

    It’s already getting out of hand, no thanks to the axxholes at the UTD.

  60. Can the Springs, along with Virginia Gardens, be gated? Close all the loose entrances on 36th street and have entrances only on Curtis? Maybe put a guard? Another gate Poncianna? Thoughts?

  61. Instead of protesting outside Starbucks for higher wages, they could be holding signs promoting Starbucks specials. That would increase sales. That would increase the value of the employee. Nope. They won’t do that. Let’s protest outside the business because that’s going to help sales and boost profits. These babies have not been taught how businesses work. Socialist mindset on display for all to see.

    • You must not know him. Not only is he an excellent CM but even a better Financial Director. Guy does two jobs for one. Save us all tax money. Stop you whining and get to know him before you talk garbage about someone like him.

      • Don’t be cheap. Alonso is an Opa-Locka retread.

        We need a New Finance Manager and a New City Manager. Having the City Manager do both jobs puts too much power in one person. Those positions should be separated. Saving one headcount is shortsighted.

        Besides, all the bad things happening have been under William’s watch. Who was the CM while this stupid downtown project was approved without enough freaking parking? Alonso. That alone deserves a kick in the rear.

        Who’s the CM that has allowed all the crime and prostitution on 36th Street? Alonso. FYI – The Chief of Police reports to Alonso. He has hire / fire authority over the police chief.

        Speeding continues to be a problem.

        What has he done that is so wonderful? I don’t see it. I see a City deteriorating. The City Council has a hammer they can use to get better results. It’s time to use the hammer.

      • I have dealt with him, and he is way over his head in that job. He may be a very nice guy, but he is NOT City Manager material.

  62. The women of the city council had more balls than the men versus the UTD. Thank you Mayor Mitchell for always protecting Miami Springs. Thank you Jacky Bravo for your backbone. Bruh, ya’ll knew Vazquez was going to support UTD. Bob Best is the Miami Springs Joe Biden. He been lost his mind. It’s a shame Fajet didn’t show the “cojones” the ladies showed on the council. “C’mon man!” He lost his man card on that vote.

  63. Welcome to Windwood Springs, We will now have to allow all graffiti to our once beautiful clean neighborhood. Just because the UTD Union has so much power that no one dared confront.
    We now have to allow unauthorized graffiti all over.

    Sad day when our council does not represent our citizens and lets outsiders and unions rule.

    • Stay angry; good and angry and remember this at the next elections. Vote out ALL the teachers and the town drunk.

  64. “We’re happy we were able to come to an agreement,” Hernandez-Mats said. “We feel bad we had to go through such a long process. We want to be good neighbors and want to make that area better and engage residents.” – Next time, follow Miami Springs rules. UTD is like typical rules. They apply to everyone else, but themselves. And they are so neighborly, they attacked the city, the council, and spread fake news. Wow. That’s endearing.

  65. The UTD is a political organization. Screw them. What a bunch of A-Holes. They were so rude at today’s council meeting. Including the clown face herself la Zapata.

  66. Banning styrofoam. Ugghhh. Is this to prevent Chik-fil-a from moving in. They have the best shakes in styrofoam cups.

    • I agree with others that this is not the most important issue facing Miami Springs at this time. Perhaps other quality of life issues could be address like enforcing the noise and traffic ordinances with the cars with the loud stereos that rattle the dishes when they drive by your house, the willful obstruction of traffic by ever other yard maintenance person with a truck and a trailer, and perhaps trying to put some controls on the Air B&B’s just to name three.

  67. Agree one million percent! If he shows favoritism toward UTD then our family and friends will never cast a vote for him again. However, if he votes accordingly to the law especially after such an exhaustive process through so many depts and boards, he will be one day Mayor. He was a teacher and seems very cuddly with Zapata and the Kats woman president so this will be his big test. Come on Vasquez, you were a history teacher and have some smarts. Keep your bias out of the decision and vote according to our regs. And remember what Miami Springs did to that poor tattoo guy who painted a mural in his back alley near the trash dump! fair is fair.

    • Apparently, you didn’t do your due-diligence and investigated Vazquez when he first appeared on the Miami Springs political scene. He has a history of being a Puerto Rican activist, pro BLM and thought to be by some a Marxists. One of the flyers received on his behalf was by an Orlando PAC with close relations to George Soros. Read up on the Miami Dade Democratic Party website and see the amount of backing he received to run for this local “non-partisan” seat.
      The fox has moved in, and the chickens are unaware.

  68. I LOVE the idea of a statue of Glenn Curtiss near the Curtiss Parkway entrance to the city. Where do I sign up to donate?

  69. Council: Vazquez is not a crazy radical. He’s actually been good. I don’t think he’s going to vote against the UTD since they supported him. We’ll see. I’ll vote for him again if he stands strong for equal justice and applies it to the UTD equally and doesn’t show favoritism to the UTD.

    • I think that you are in for a major disappointment, both Vazquez and the UTD are funded by the same organization.

    • He already voted in favor of the UTD. What other ordinance are they going to break in Miami Springs? Build in the Golf Course low income housing? Paint graffiti in all the circle buildings? He is not for the Springs. He is for special interest and outside groups. Not my vote and I will tell everyone of my friends and family to vote for whoever runs against him next time. Is not that he is a teacher I am a teacher too.

  70. what dingbat suggested light colors were bad? this person should immediately be recalled. meanhwile we have drugs and crime and the circle.

  71. We love Miami Springs because each home is different. We don’t live in a cookie cutter community. That includes choosing my own colors.

  72. First, the Ukrainians are fighting hard for something we say we value.i.e Freedom. Do we need
    to “suck it up?” Yeah, if nothing more than for the sake of those willing to lay down their lives
    for something we say is sacred. A recent poll found that if the US were to face what the Ukrainians are facing, only 55% of Americans would be there. Yeah, suck it up. When the gougers are done prices will go back down. It’s only gasoline, not AMERICAN blood. Atop the whine.—Hell yes we need a statue of Glenn Curtiss. Just sayin.’ I grew up in Miami Springs and went to Glenn Curtiss Elementary and graduated from HHS ’65.

  73. Thanks to the Council for approving the “new and improved” Miami Springs Circle. What a cluster! It’s been happening for days. Not just with today’s exaggeration, but yesterday too. And its only gonna get worse.

    • Ridiculous to unionize an industry that’s a stepping stone for High School kids to get experience in the workforce. It’s just a bunch of middle age losers that never did anything constructive with their lives.

  74. many reports of irs and other checks being stolen about miami springs especially around the miami springs senior high school area. if you get informed delivery and it says check coming… good luck! sad to say but parttime carriers may be involved. if you are missing a check file a complaint with united states postal service inspections service not with local post office.

  75. Barry’s Cleaners: How did that project (already short on parking) swallow up a covered parking area to add more retail and did not get a variance? Hmmmm? Who got paid to let that slide? Oh, if you have allegations of corruption send it to the State Attorney’s General. Meanwhile we have an administration that continues to let crap like this happen.

  76. One year ago, gas averaged $2.84. Diesel was at $2.92. Today: $4.35 for regular. $5.05 for Diesel. The spike in regular is bad enough. The spike in Diesel means its more expensive to ship everything around the country. AKA, everything you buy is getting more expensive.

  77. When are they opening Canal Street? The City Administration has allowed the construction crew free rent at the City site for three years. Open up at least an eastbound lane to alleviate some of the Circle backup.

  78. Let’s go Brandon! In one week gas has gone from $3.69 to $4.29. That’s a serious attack on the American economy and spending. If this keeps up, it’s going to hurt the poor the most and then small businesses. Joe Biden has been taken over by AOC and the Green New Deal garbage.

    • if the president doesn’t want to do everything at his disposal that he can do to help the American people it is fine with me . Everyone can see what he isn’t doing

    • This is purposeful. They want the gas ⛽️ prices high. They want to screw this economy. It’s insane. Drill here not overseas.

    • All the talking heads on the major networks are telling you to suck it up America you’re getting exactly what you deserve.

    • We all get the leadership we deserve! Whoever voted for this Idiot that has a 50-year-old track record of wrong choices, and shady dealings and expected things to change screwed the whole world up. We told you this would happen now grin and bear it. Let’s use our own energy and not buy from our enemies. Simple, but not for this administration.

      • This is what this administration has given us:
        According to the yearly Doomsday Clock statement made Thursday in Washington, DC, we’re as near to Doomsday as we’ve ever been, thanks to continued nuclear hazards, disruptive technology, and the apparently unending Covid-19 pandemic.
        “Nuclear weapons and weapons-delivery platforms capable of carrying either nuclear or conventional warheads continued to proliferate, while destabilising ‘advances’ in the space and cyber realms, in hypersonic missiles, and in missile defenses continued.”
        Its experts said last year: “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board today moves the Doomsday Clock 20 seconds closer to midnight – closer to apocalypse than ever.
        “In so doing, board members are explicitly warning leaders and citizens around the world that the international security situation is now more dangerous than it has ever been, even at the height of the Cold War.

        • Wish people would bother to educate themselves a little on things like global supply chains, basic economics, history, etc etc before blaming it all on Joe Biden. Gas prices are up globally, inflation is up globally. The president doesn’t have a magic wand to fix it all. Next thing I’ll hear is how the former president would have done a better job, simply because he had an R next to his name. What a joke.

  79. El festival estaba bueno, pero los precios estaban ridicule para los niños. Necesitan mas cosas para los niños.



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