#5 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Neighbors

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami SpringsOne of the things that came up repeatedly by the community was the fact that they LOVE their neighbors.  Again, Miami Springs is a welcoming community that appreciates kind neighbors.  We all share in the pride of maintaining our homes and bettering the community for tomorrow.

More importantly, this community likes to take care of its neighbors.  We watch over their homes and children.  We have talks in the middle of the street as a neighbor who lives blocks away stops to say hello.  And in our small community, virtually everyone is kind to one another. It really is a special place.

Sunset over Miami Springs

And when you’ve got great neighbors, who live next door for years, if not decades, it’s a pleasure to come home and say hi to them.  We check on them and their well being.  Share stories.  Hug during difficult times.  And laugh at the silly moments.

A great neighbor is worth its weight in gold.  By that measure, Miami Springs is one of the richest neighborhoods in South Florida.