Camillus House of Miami recognized Milam’s Markets and the Milam family for their generous support of the Camillus House, especially during a worldwide pandemic.  
“A very special thank you to the Milam family for their generous support during this time of great need in our community and at Camillus House. Kristie Milam (second from left) and Chad Milam saw the impact of their generosity when they visited Camillus House and met with Chairman of the Board Paul Lowenthal (right) and Vice President of Development Christine Perez.”

About Camillus House:

Established by the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd in 1960, Camillus House has grown steadily over the years from a small overnight shelter into a full service center offering a full “continuum of care” for persons who are poor and homeless.
Every service offered at Camillus is carried out with the deeply held belief that every human being is precious in the eyes of the Lord and deserves love, respect, and a chance to live a dignified life. Camillus does much more than offer a free meal, medical care, a shower, or drug treatment. It offers a second chance to the desperate, the lonely, and the ones society has left behind. Many of the clients who come to Camillus House have nowhere else to go. They have no friends, no family, and no loved ones to help them through their times of trouble. Camillus House becomes their family, giving them the hope and support they need to begin the long, difficult transition to a new life and self-sufficiency


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