The City of Miami Springs moved forward to keep the millage rate at the current level of 7.330 with a unanimous vote by the City Council.  That means the rate will be the same.  However, property values have gone up compared to last year (despite the pandemic) and that may cause your bill to be higher than last year.

As a comparison, you’ll find the proposed millage rates for our neighboring municipalities.  You can see, Miami Springs does not have the highest rate.   The City of Miami is ahead of of Miami Springs.  However, Miami Springs residents are paying nearly 4x higher rate than the residents in Doral who enjoy a 1.90 millage rate.   If we bring the comparison closer to home, Miami Springs residents pay a rate nearly 50% more than residents in Virginia Gardens.

  • Miami Springs:   7.3300
  • Hialeah:  6.3018
  • Virginia Gardens:  5.00
  • Medley:  4.80
  • Doral:  1.9000
  • Miami:  7.6665
  • Coral Gables:  5.5590

City Hall

We are pleased the City Council did not raise rates during a pandemic.  However, it’s time to devise a new plan that lowers the tax burden on residents and puts more of the burden on the 36th Street Corridor that is currently hording the police services due to the consistent crime and police incidents within that area.  We can’t wait for the State to approve a bed tax or the County to approve annexation.  We need a new solution now.




  1. City manager needs to maintain his hefty salary + pension and including his city minions. What a disgrace! The corruption couldn’t be so cleared.


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