1/28/2014 0:00:00

Wally Clark has been the lovable local reporter and photographer in Miami Springs for decades. He`s instantly recognizable anywhere in town. However, according to the Miami New Times, he can`t cover the whole city anymore. In fact, Wally is blocked from being within 500 feet of Art Jansik`s Chiropractor business on Curtiss parkway, effectively cutting him off of the circle and much of Curtiss Parkway.

Why is he banned from being near Art Jansik`s Chiropractor business?

According to the Miami New Times article, it involves restraining orders and a sordid love triangle involving Clark, his ex-wife, Dana Estabrook, and local chiropractor, Art Jansik.

It`s not a pretty story, but you can read the whole article written by Allie Conti at the Miami New Times link below.




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