The Miami Springs City Council unanimously passed a resolution committing to lowering our millage rate from 6.91 to range between 2.50 and 3.00 upon the County’s approval of the City of Miami Springs’ annexation application.  That would be a minimum reduction of 57% and as much as a 64% reduction in our current millage rate should annexation be accepted by the new Miami-Dade County Commission.

57% Lower Taxes

Here’s the verbiage of the resolution that was passed at Monday’s City Council Meeting:

“A Resolution Of The Mayor And City Council Of The City Of Miami Springs, Florida, Expressing The City’s Intent To Provide Property Tax Relief By Reducing Its Millage To A Rate Between 2.5000 And 3.0000 Upon Approval Of The City’s Annexation Application”

The current millage rate was lowered from 7.2095 to 6.9100 earlier this year in a 3-2 vote.  For the record, here was the vote earlier this year:

  • Bob Best:   No
  • Jacky Bravo:  Yes
  • Walter Fajet:   Yes
  • Victor Vazquez:   No
  • Mayor Mitchel:    Yes

Miami Springs Millage Rate History

Below is a chart of the Miami Springs Millage Rate throughout this century.  In the early 2000s the millage rate increased to over 8.0000.  Taxes then bottomed out at 6.1698 in 2009.  Then they slowly increased to 7.5000 in 2015.  It has since been going down slowly and next year will be back below the 7.0 mark at 6.91000.

Miami Springs Historical Millage Rate

The City of Miami Springs’ commitment to lower the rate by 57% is a positive indicator for Miami Springs residents, property owners in the annexation area, and members of the Miami-Dade County Commission.  Clearly, it would have been nice to have had this commitment prior to the Board of County Commissioners rejection of our application.  It might have also eased some of the vociferous complaints by some of the land owners.  Nevertheless, the City of Miami Springs actions show its commitment to continue to pursue annexation

Miami Springs Proposed Annexation Area
Miami Springs Proposed Annexation Area


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