The City of Miami Springs annexation of the area to our west and the VG annexation that would cover the area west of the airport to the Palmetto will move to the County’s Chairman’s Policy Council on June 8th.  According to the City Manager, William Alonso, the Policy Council will direct the County Attorney’s to prepare an ordinance and interlocal agreements.  Then, it’ll go to a first reading at a County Board Meeting.  Then it goes to a committee.  Then back to a second reading.

Proposed Annexation Area
Proposed Annexation Area expanding the City of Miami Springs

According to Alonso, he believes the second reading will be completed by October or November of this year.  The goal is to complete this under the current County Commission.

Miami Springs is attempting to annex the area west of Miami Springs from NW 36th to NW 74th Street and to the Palmetto Expressway.

Virginia Gardens Annexation

The Village of Virginia Gardens is attempting to annex the area from NW 36th Street south to the Dolphin Expressway.  The Village would increase

Village of Virginia Gardens Proposed Annexation Area
Village of Virginia Gardens Proposed Annexation Area




  1. Hey Nestor, I just received the notice in the mail for the public hearing and thinking if I should join June 8th. Maybe you would know… How does this better the residents of Miami Springs to acquire this industrial/ commercial area? What are the pros and cons for Miami Springers?


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