#16 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Friendly and Polite People

Miami STop 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami Springsprings is an oasis inside of the concrete jungle of Miami.  The folks who live and work in Miami Springs have worked hard and in many cases sacrificed a lot to be able to call Miami Springs home.  And once people move into Miami Springs, they never want to leave.  As a result, Miami Springs is not a transient community.  Most of the homeowners have been in Miami Springs for decades.  Many, have been in Miami Springs for generations. This results in a very friendly, neighborly community.  A community where people really know and care for each other.

A trip to the local grocer, Milam’s Markets, isn’t just a trip to get groceries.  It’s a social affair, as most residents can barely go through an aisle without running into someone they know.

I know this might be a foreign concept in Greater Miami, but in Miami Springs, we actually do wave at other people and say, “Hi.”  We say, “Good morning” and “Good afternoon!”  We let others cross the street ahead of us.  We stop the car for pedestrians and ducks.