After a really great month in April with the lowest reported number of criminal incidents in Miami Springs in nearly a year, crime jumped up in May with the highest number of reported criminal incidents so far this year.


Overall, there were 46 reported criminal incidents during the month of May.  They included 4 residential burglaries, 2 sexual assault incidents, 3 strong armed robbery incidents, and one incident of assault with a deadly weapon.


There were 4 incidents of reported residential burglaries in Miami Springs during the month of May.  That’s the highest number we’ve reported over the last 4 months.    On May 7th, there was a residential burglary along the 300 block of North Royal Poinciana Boulevard that happened around 6am.  On May 10th, there was a residential breaking and entering that occurred on the 200 block of Carlisle Drive at approximately 5pm.  Then on May 15th, there was a residential break-in that occurred near Springview Elementary on the 1100 block of Meadowlark Avenue at around 7pm.  Finally, on May 24th there was a reported residential break-in that occurred along the 500 block of of Mokena Drive around noon.


There were 2 reported incidents of sexual assault in Miami Springs during the month of May.  The first incident occurred on May 4th in the 1100 block of South Royal Poinciana Boulevard where the Holiday Inn is located.  The second reported incident occurred on May 7th on the 200 block of Corydon Drive.  This second incident received a lot of local news coverage, but after further investigation, the City of Miami Springs Police Chief released a letter which stated:  As of this date based on all of the evidence gathered by the Miami Dade Police Department’s Special Victims Unit and Crime Scene Investigations there is no evidence to support that any such assault took place.”


There were 3 reported incidents of strong armed robberies in Miami Springs during the month of May.  The first incident occurred on May 20th in the 5100 of NW 36th Street at around 2am.  That’s along the block where the notorious Miami Springs iHop is located.  The second incident occurred just one block west at the 5200 block of NW 36th Street at around 11am.  The 3rd strong armed robbery incident occurred just a few more blocks west along the 100 block of Fairway drive on May 31st at 6pm.


There were 12 vehicle burglaries reported during the month of May in Miami Springs.  That’s double the amount from April, but still far lower than the 20 incidents reported in January.  There were 4 vehicle burglaries that occurred between the 5000 block and 5100 block of NW 36 Street.  (Yes.  The 5100 block is where the iHop is located.)


There were 4 incidents of auto theft during the month of May.  They occurred along NW 31st Street, East Drive, Curtiss Parkway, and Hunting Lodge Drive.


There were 11 incidents of theft during the month of May.  Four of the incidents were Burglary Curtilage cases, two cases were thefts of auto accessories, one incident of bicycle theft, and 3 cases classified as “theft other.”


There were 3 drug incidents in the Springs during the month of May.  Two cases were along NW 36th Street with the third case reported at the 500 block of DeSoto Drive.


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