#8 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Family Friendly

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami SpringsWhen outsiders think of Miami, they think of the beaches, the warm weather, parties on South Beach, Miami Vice, drugs, and babes in bikinis.

Miami Springs has the warm weather and proximity to the beaches, but Miami Springs is not about partying till sunrise with babes in bikinis.

Miami Springs is a quiet family town.  I know the city bills itself as being in “The Heart of It All”, but really Miami Springs is “The Oasis” surrounded by the concrete jungle of Greater Miami.  The calm and peaceful place people call home.  The kind of place people dream of raising their children.

Some of the things that make Miami Springs a great family friendly place are also some of the same reasons, people LOVE living in Miami Springs.

  • The quiet streets are great for kids to ride their bikes.
  • Highly rated schools is a must for any family.
  • Great youth sports.
  • Family friendly community events.
  • An abundance of local churches and faith based activities.
  • We watch out for each other’s kids
  • Lots of parks for the kids and families to enjoy.
  • Great Police Department that keeps our kids safe.