#7 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Real Community

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami SpringsWhat does “Real Community” mean?

It’s what the Miami Springs Community kept repeating over and over as one of their favorite characteristics of Miami Springs.  It’s a “Real Community.”

Miami Springs is not one of those neighborhoods were everyone is anonymous.  Miami Springs is home to residents who tend to stay for a long time.  As stated before, many residents have lived here for decades.  Some have lived here for generations.

And when you’re in a small community of 14,000 people and you make roots and connections, you begin to build strong bonds that last a lifetime.

Another part of what makes Miami Springs a “Real Community” are the long-standing churches.  The faith community is an essential part of building families and keeping communities together.  And Miami Springs is blessed by God to have a strong faith community.


Miami Springs takes care of each other.  No matter your political views, race, financial status, or ethnicity, Miami Springs has proven over and over that it will come together to help those in need.  Whether it’s been for the Chad Tough Foundation, Team Daniella, or SebastianStrong, this community has always risen above to help those in need.

I couldn’t be prouder of my city than the love and support it has always shown graciously to support those in need.