The good news:
The number of new cases is slowing down and the curve is showing an ever slight decrease.

The bad news:
The number of fatalities and the percentage of people who have died from the Coronavirus continues to increase.

Miami-Dade County now has over 7,700 cases of the virus or nearly 36% of the state’s total.  Miami-Dade has an 8.4% hospitalization rate which means over 91% of the population that has been confirmed to have the Coronavirus have not needed a trip to the hospital.  The hospitalization rate in the county is far better than the statewide hospitalization rate of 14.1%.

Ever since NBC 6 published a report claiming the state asked Miami-Dade to restrict information on COVID-19, we see a dramatic increase in the number of fatalities within the county.  We were under 1% in fatalities last week.  Now, we’re approaching a 2% fatality rate in the County.  Currently, Miami-Dade County has 143 fatalites reported by the Florida Department of Health.  That puts the fatality rate at 1.9%.  We’re also seeing an increase in the statewide fatality rate which now stands at 2.6%.

Local Numbers
The state has been reporting only 2 cases of the Coronavirus in Miami Springs for days, but the number of cases within our zip code, 33166, continues to go up.  Now we know that 33166 includes all of Miami Springs, Virginia Gardens, and parts of Medley and Doral.  However, knowing that many people just put in “Miami” for an address or databases that override Miami Springs with just Miami once the zip is entered, we simply don’t believe that there are just 2 cases within our city.  The Department of Health is reporting 57 cases.  Miami Springs probably has anywhere from 10% to 50% of that number based on our share of the population within the zip code.  So we probably have anywhere from 6 to 28 confirmed cases within our city.

There are 25,324 residents within zip code 33166.  Miami Springs has 14,000 residents.  In other words, Miami Springs represents 55% of the total population of zip code 33166.  There are 57 cases within our zip code according to the Department of Health.  But only 2 people have it in our city?  Come on.  In fact, you can argue our estimate of 50% may be too conservative considering we’re 55% of the population.

The point is, there are people with Coronavirus all around us.  In fact, we need to treat everyone as if they have the Coronavirus.  Don’t shake hands.  Wash your hands.  Practice social distancing.  Wear a mask in public.  Stop the spread.

COVID-19 Data
State of Forida # %
Total Cases: 21,628
Hospitalizations 3,050 14.1%
Deaths 571 2.6%
Miami-Dade County
Total Cases: 7,712 35.7%
Hospitalizations 644 8.4%
Deaths 143 1.9%
Miami-Dade Demographics
Male 3,941 52%
Female 3,629 48%
Zip Code
33166 57



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