The Academy of Innovative Education (AIE) recently witnessed three of its young and talented weightlifters shine at the Regional Weightlifting Championship in Lakeland, FL. Yanice Vargas, Camila Lemus, and Emma Van Arman took the competition by storm and left a lasting impression on all who witnessed their impressive performance.

AIE’s High School Girl’s Weightlifting Qualifiers L-R: Yanice Vargas, Emma Van Arman & Camila Lemus

Freshman Yanice Vargas amazed spectators with her skills, securing 28th place out of 100 competitors.

Freshman, Yanice Vargas finished 28th out of 100 competitors

Sophomore Camila Lemus was equally impressive, earning a spot in the top 16 and a chance to represent the region at the State Competition.

Sophomore, Camila Lemus finished in the top 16 and will represent our Region in the State Competition

It was also a great day for Junior Emma Van Arman. The Miami Springs resident took home a Silver Medal in the Traditional Lift and followed it up with a Gold Medal in the Olympic Lift, earning her the title of Regional Champion in the 139lb weight class. She now has the opportunity to compete for the coveted State Champion title.

Regional Champ Emma Van Arman
Regional Champ Emma Van Arman Podium Finish

We are bursting with pride for these three remarkable young women and their unwavering dedication to their sport. Their coaches, Dayna Del Gaudio and Christopher Rodriguez, have been instrumental in their success, guiding them every step of the way.

Special shot out to the parents and mentors for supporting the hard work and dedication of these very powerful young ladies. Their strength and determination are a true inspiration, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these rising stars.

Congratulations ladies!


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