When was the last time your server didn’t know the kind of soup of the day was being served, or even if the restaurant served soup at all? You would figure they should know!

Today, there are not many trained people stepping into jobs which serve us. It feels like in some situations there’s no professionalism, and folks seem to be learning on the fly. We need jobs, but what type of sensitive career in education requires absolutely no prior experience in the field and not even a high school diploma? According to Kelly Education, a supplier of teachers to the school systems in Florida, no prior teaching experience or education degree is required. WHAT???

They’ll hire you with merely a G.E.D. certificate but only if you’re 18 years old or older, (In Lee County, it’s 16). Depending on which test you’re taking, you only need to answer 40-50% of the questions correctly to get a passing score. Sound good?

Here’s the ad: If you’ve got extra time on your hands think about a career in substitute teaching! Do you have a willingness to step into a classroom full of eager students as a substitute teacher after not even graduating from high school? Don’t let your lack of education stop you from imparting your own special wisdom to your new students.  Does this look like a viable career path for you? Do you remember why you dropped out and were these the same kind of students you didn’t want to associate with anyway? Here’s some revenge!

If any student who has ever attended school at almost any level, you know what type of reception a sub teacher gets. The instant that info is known, the class goes into ‘attack mode’ to see what they can get away with. Let’s look at the list of names that was passed around for the ‘teacher’ to peruse. Chuck Wagon, Dick Hurtz or Ben Dover, Bob Katz, etc. We all chuckled!

Thank goodness the Kelly subs have the training and skill required to handle a class of students they may have just left as a student themselves. Oops, wait a minute here, they don’t! It speaks to the general decline in the quality and funding of our free educational system. The State of Florida feels that someone who squeaked by and had to finish their high school education online, is perfectly qualified to step in for a college degree educated teacher and command a class. Why don’t we pay our teachers a living wage and dispense with all the BS?

There are plenty of other opportunities for Kelly Government Solutions (KGS). They’re also prime contractors to the federal government. It’s possible they utilize the same parameters for Washington as well, because it looks like they’ve already staffed Congress.





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