Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man that made a difference by using non-violent protests.  His legacy lives on well beyond his days.

Unfortunately, some people have hijacked the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday as an excuse to drive non street legal vehicles, such as ATVs and Dirt Bike throughout South Florida.  The so-called “Guns Down, Wheels Up” event attracts dirt bike riders and ATV riders onto the public roads.  Many of these vehicles are illegal to operate on public roads.  They don’t have license plate.  Most are not insured.

Furthermore, many of these vehicles are driven in a reckless manner, weaving in between lanes, and stunt driving.  The most common stunt is riding the vehicle solely on the rear wheels, commonly known as a wheelie.  Not only is this dangerous for the driver, but this is also a hazard to other drivers on the road.

Not in Miami Springs

You might say, “This doesn’t happen in Miami Springs.”  Well, last year, a group of ATV and dirt bike drivers were caught on camera illegally driving their unlicensed and uninsured vehicles westbound on NW 36th Street in Miami Springs.  One of the drivers was filmed doing a wheelie when he loses control and crashes into the center median and then skids down the road. Fortunately, it appears this driver was not seriously injured and no other vehicles were involved.

Watch the video posted to @MiamiProblemss on Instagram below:


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If you see a group of dirt bike riders and or ATV riders driving dangerously in Miami Springs, please call the Miami Springs Police Department at 305.888.9711.

Miami Springs Police Cruiser
Miami Springs Police Cruiser


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