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Armando Guzman has been selected as the new Miami Springs Chief of Police. Here`s the letter from Ron Gorland making the announcement:

Over the last few months I, with the assistance of others, have followed a rigorous process to select our next Chief of Police. This process included:

In-house resume reviews were conducted of the 97 resumes received by three key City personnel (our Assistant City Manager/Finance Director, our City Attorney, and our Director of Building and Code) to determine the top 10 applicants list;

a very public interview process was then done by 3 very well known and well respected local area Police Chiefs (or higher) to determine their top 4 recommendations from the top 10 list;

preliminary background checks were then done on each of the 4 candidates;

each candidate was then interviewed on a one-on-one basis twice on some very specific issues to determine the top candidate

finally I asked for input regarding the necessary attributes to be our Chief from police officers, council members and community leaders

I`m convinced that each of the 4 candidates recommended by the Chiefs` panel would do a superb job as our Chief. With each having a great deal of technical credentials and extensive police management experience, my job was to select the best match for our community for at least the next 5-7 years.

As you are probably aware, public safety techniques, including leadership, management and technology, are going through extensive changes, and we need to stay on the leading edge of such changes. This requires both top-down and bottom-up progressive thinking, leadership, management and training that will take us to the next level in public safety.

The one person that I believe to be the best candidate to meet these challenges has accepted my offer to become the Miami Springs Police Chief effective January 5th, 2015 (conditional only to successful completion of the already in-process and extensive final background investigation).

One of his references, the very well respected Chief John Timoney, former Police Chief of the City of Miami, said “He will make an excellent Chief and you will do yourself and the citizens of Miami Springs proud by choosing him to lead your department into the future.”

Please join me in welcoming Armando Guzman as the next Miami Springs Chief of Police.

Ron Gorland, City Manager

City of Miami Springs

Full Resume for Armando Guzman




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