By Sunday evening, Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have risen to 4,950 in the State of Florida according to the Florida Department of Health.  The State of Florida has had 633 hospitalizations from the Coronavirus and 60 confirmed deaths related to the disease.  Statewide, that’s a 13% hospitalization rate and a 1.2% mortality rate.  In other words, 87% of the confirmed cases do not need to go to a hospital and 98.8% of those who get it have survived so far.  Obviously, it’s still early and these numbers will change.


In Miami-Dade County, the number of confirmed jumped from 1,192 this morning to 1,472 this evening.  That represents 30% of the state’s total cases.  The hospitalization rate is 100 out of 1,472 or 7%.  That means 93% of confirmed cases have not needed hospitalization.  There are still just 3 deaths so far in Miami-Dade County putting the mortality rate at 0.20%.  That is well below the state average of 1.2%.  That also means that Miami-Dade County represents just 5% of the Coronavirus fatalities within the State of Florida.


Miami-Dade now has more cases than New Orleans:  1,492 in Miami-Dade vs  1,350 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in New Orleans.  However, New Orleans has 73 deaths vs Miami-Dade’s 3 deaths.  New Orleans has a 5% mortality rate vs Miami-Dade’s 0.20% rate.  So why is New Orleans so much higher than Miami’s?  The answer is, we don’t know.  But, there are a few reasons why this could happen.  1 – Miami-Dade is doing a far better job testing than New Orleans thus identifying more people than New Orleans.  2 – There might be more people who smoke in New Orleans and/or have more underlying conditions.  3 – The Miami-Dade County healthcare system is superior to that in New Orleans.  There’s no doubt Miami-Dade County has a very robust healthcare system.  We are blessed to have some of the best doctors in a wide range of specialties from around the world.  4 – The warmer weather helps to fight off the virus.  Of course, there’s no scientific proof to this and it’s only speculation. Again, this is something that will be studied thoroughly after this crisis is over, but we are blessed to have such a low mortality rate locally compared places like New Orleans with a similar number of confirmed cases.  We pray our mortality rate continues to stay low.

City of Miami Springs Municipal Seal


  • Miami: 812
  • Hialeah:  177
  • Miami Beach: 160
  • Homestead: 36
  • North Miami Beach: 35
  • Miami Gardens: 30
  • Coral Gables: 25
  • Aventura: 25
  • South Miami:  23
  • Doral: 19
  • Key Biscayne: 18
  • – Not listed -: 16
  • North Miami:  16
  • Opa-Locka: 15
  • Miami Lakes:  8
  • Bal Harbour:  6
  • Palmetto Bay: 4
  • Coconut Grove: 3
  • Surfside:  3
  • Biscayne Park: 2
  • Golden Beach: 2
  • Miami Shores:  2
  • Sunny Isles Beach: 1
  • Pinecrest: 1
  • El Portal:  1
  • Fisher Island:  1
  • Florida City:  1
  • Carol City:  1
  • Bay Harbor Islands: 1
  • North Bay Village:  1
  • Cutler Bay:  1

Local Coronavirus Count by City


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