After a quiet June with only 32 reported criminal incidents, crime more than doubled in July with a whopping 65 criminal incidents (according to  That’s the largest number of criminal incidents reported in Miami Springs over the last 13 months.


Maybe the heat has people excited, but it was just as hot July of last year and there were only 44 reported criminal incidents last year or right about the monthly average.  Last month marked a 47% increase in reported criminal incidents compared to July of last year.


There were 8 cases of assault, 4 incidents of Breaking and Entering, 5 drug incidents, 4 Property Crime incidents, 2 Robberies, 1 Sexual Assault incident, 11 thefts, a whopping 25 vehicular burglaries, and 5 stolen vehicles.


There were 8 cases of assault including an assault with a deadly weapon that occurred on the 3900 block of South River Drive on July 27th.  Two assault cases occurred on the 600 block of East Drive.  Two assault cases occurred on the 3900 block of S. River Drive.  One assault case occurred along Forrest and NW 36 Street.  One incident occurred along the 700 block of Curtiss Parkway with the final two incidents occurring on the 1000 block of Starling and the 1100 block of Robin Avenue.


The good news in this report, despite the high number of criminal incidents, there was not one case of a residential breaking and entering.  All four breaking and entering incidents were in non-residential buildings.  Two cases occurred along the 3900 block of South River Drive.  The other 2 cases occurred along NW 36 Street.


There were 2 cases of robberies in July.  One of the incidents was the carjacking of the Uber Driver who picked up 2 women at the Parkway Inn Motel.  Miami Springs Police Chief Armando Guzman has reported that an arrest has been in the recent Uber car jacking case that started in Miami Springs.

According to the chief:
“On 07/12/2019 at 2221 hours, Baltimore Police Department Detective T. More received a hit via his mobile LPR (Automatic License Plate Reader)  for a stolen 2014 Dodge Caravan, which was taken in the carjacking that occurred in our city on 07/06/2019.  Det. T. More and other Officers were able to stop the vehicle and identify the driver as Bryant Johnson (DOB: 06/16/1998).  An investigation between Baltimore Police Robbery Detectives and Miami Springs PD Detectives revealed Bryant Johnson was one of the subjects that participated in the carjacking in Miami Springs on 07/06/2019.  Bryant Johnson was charged by Baltimore Police for Grand Theft Auto and an arrest warrant will be obtained by Miami Springs Detectives for carjacking.”

The other incident was an armed robbery that occurred on the 600 block of East Drive on July 27th at 8pm.


There was one incident of a lewd act that occurred on the 300 block of Payne Drive.  That’s the area where Prince Field is located.  The incident occurred on July 12th at 10am.


There were 25 vehicular burglaries during the month of July or the highest reported number of incidents over the last 13 months.

  • 4 incidents along 36 Street
  • 2 incidents along LeJeune Road
  • 2 incidents along East Drive
  • 2 incidents along Curtiss Parkway
  • 2 incidents along DeSoto
  • 2 incidents along DeLeon Drive
  • 1 incident along Fairway Drive
  • 1 incident along Westward
  • 1 incident along Flagler Drive
  • 1 incident along Minola Drive
  • 1 incident along Eldron Drive
  • 1 incident along Lee Drive
  • 1 incident along Ragan Drive
  • 1 incident along Miller Drive
  • 1 incident along Mokena Drive
  • 1 incident along Plover Ave
  • 1 incident along Dove Ave

While not every case is due to someone leaving their door unlocked, we can’t stress enough how important it is to (A) lock your car doors and (B) don’t leave valuables inside your car.  If you’d like to add even more precautions, a car alarm and surveillance cameras help to deter crime.


There were 5 reported incidents of vehicle thefts in July.  That’s not a record, but on the higher side.  Three vehicles were stolen along NW 36 Street.  One was stolen along the 600 block of East Drive.  One incident occurred along the 700 Block of South Royal Poinciana Boulevard.


There were 11 incidents of theft in Miami Springs during the month of July.  Five incidents were thefts of auto accessory.  Two incidents were cases of burglary curtilage.  There was one theft from a building, one bicycle theft, and two incidents of theft other.



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