According to the Florida Department of Health, the number of COVID-19 cases associated with the Fair Havens assisted living facility has jumped to 143.  That includes 104 residents confirmed to have acquired the Coronavirus.  That also includes 39 staff members who acquired the Coronavirus.  Unfortunately, that also includes 8 seniors who died from the Coronavirus.

The State of Florida did impose an emergency moratorium on new admission to Fair Havens this week due to a laundry list of citations.  Furthermore, the State of Florida ordered all residents who had the Coronavirus to be transferred out of the facility and to a local hospital.  According, to local media reports, many were transferred to Hialeah Hospital.

Here’s a recap of the cases at Fair Havens:

  • 104 residents confirmed to have the Coronavirus
  • 39 staff members infected with Coronavirus
  • 8 seniors died from the virus
  • All surviving residents that have tested positive with COVID-19 have been transferred out
  • 143 total cases of COVID-19 associated with Fair Havens



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