Special thanks to Virginia Gardens Mayor, Spencer Deno.  His hard work and push with the Florida Department of Transportation and Miami-Dade County got the job done.  It is now safer to drive along 36th Street and Curtiss Parkway.

Left turn at NW 36th Street and Curtiss Parkway
Left turns are now safer at 36th Street and Curtiss Parkway with a Left on Green Arrow Only!

Now, you can only make a left turn on 36th Street with a green arrow.  This will help prevent accidents in the future as it has been well documented to be a location that has had numerous, even fatal accidents in the past.

Left turn arrow at NW 36th Street and Curtiss Parkway

Left turn arrow at NW 36th Street and Curtiss ParkwayThis not only makes the intersection safer for Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens residents, but for all the drivers that use this corridor.  Not only that, it will also prevent resources like police and fire rescue from having to respond to as many accidents at this location.  This is a big win for our community that couldn’t happen without the persistent determination from Mayor Deno.

Virginia Gardens Village Hall
Virginia Gardens Village Hall

You can’t fix stupid.  This light change will absolutely prevent accidents.  However, we share the road with distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and yes, even stupid drivers.  As long as those drivers are out there, accidents will inevitably happen.  A light change cannot miraculously stop all accidents from happening, but we do expect to see a drastic reduction in the most dangerous types of accidents at this intersection.

Below are some of the examples of past accidents that have been documented at this intersection.

REPORT: Fatal Fiery Wreck Kills 2 Teens on 36th Street


Another 36th Street Accident Caught on Camera


Motorcycle vs SUV Accident at 36 Street and Curtiss Parkway (57 Ave)


Deadly Accident on 36 Street and Curtiss Parkway Saturday

Caught on Camera: Another Accident on NW 36th St and Curtiss Parkway

Details from Tuesday’s Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Dangerous Accident at Deadly Intersection

Drive carefully.  Put your phone down.  Wear a seatbelt.


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