Ever wondered what Miami Springs was like in 1950?  Check out this historical map showing the streets as they were in 1950.  You can even see the dots where homes had been constructed at the time.  (Special thanks to Ben Ostrowski for sharing the link to this great resource.)

Notice how most of the bird section still did not have roads.  High schools and parks are still missing.  There was a trailer camp where the middle school is today.  There was a U.S. Army Radio Station approximately where the Optimist Club House is today.  Virginia Gardens was still horse country.  And apparently, there was a dog track west of 4th avenue in Hialeah.

In the following picture, you get to see more of Hialeah and the airport.  You’ll notice there was a US Army recruiting site near west of 12th Avenue.  Obviously, not much north of 29th street was developed yet.  Doral and Medley don’t exist yet.

Source:  http://historicalmaps.arcgis.com/usgs/



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