More local restaurants in Miami are realizing the beauty and benefits that green walls can bring to their venues and guests. In particular, the patented Green Wall ™eco-System is getting a lot of attention from fine dining and casual locations across the city. One such example is Ceviche 105, an award-winning Peruvian restaurant with multiple locations in downtown Miami, South Beach, Lincoln Road, Aventura Mall, and Dadeland Mall. By visiting green walls Miami, you can learn more about how this restaurant makes its venues greener and more vibrant.

Because of the patented Green Wall ™eco-System’s practical design and cost-effectiveness, restaurants like Ceviche 105 were glad to install their very own customized green walls in their dining areas. By adding these vertical gardens to their venues, the restaurant achieved a more visually-appealing and pleasant dining atmosphere for their guests. When dining, art, and nature mix together, restaurants can benefit from their aesthetic appearance.

Discovering the Benefits of Green Walls

Restaurant owners and managers are discovering the positive benefits that green walls can add to their venues. Green walls are more than just plants; they are a form of organic art that can enrich the look of a room and enhance the guest experience. Instead of having dull and stale-looking restaurant decor, a number of green walls can significantly increase visual appeal and attract guests’ attention while they wait for their food to arrive. While Ceviche 105 is one of the restaurants to adopt green walls to their locations, more restaurants in Miami are soon to follow.

Aside from their decorative and aesthetic appeal, green walls have a natural air-purifying ability to clean the surrounding air. Since plants naturally convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen (O2), other restaurants in Miami can benefit from the greater amount of clean air that green walls produce. This can lead to a more comfortable environment and improved restaurant guests’ respiratory health.

Embracing the Green Revolution

Green walls are becoming a very popular decorative piece among interior designers and building planners, with many Miami restaurants taking notice. In the midst of urban construction and constant real estate development, plants are often considered a final project or an afterthought to prioritize building design. However, with the patented Green Wall ™eco-System’s sustainable and state-of-the-art design, green walls are starting to become an integral part of the building design process.

Investing in Green Architecture

To offer a memorable experience at a restaurant, two factors must be in place: 1) great food and 2) a great location. For the second part, what makes a great location is not just where the restaurant is located, but how the location looks both on the outside and inside. By starting a green wall project, restaurants in Miami can hand-pick their plants and enhance their venue with modern plant artwork. Best of all, green wall installers work with local distributors and plant nurseries to source the most healthy and vibrant plants.  

Less Urban Pollution and More Greenery

When it comes to consumer trends in the plant industry, green walls are at the forefront of urban development and modern building design. For restaurants in Miami that desire to install their own custom green wall, they will join a group of restauranteurs who value sustainability and take steps to overcome urban pollution in the city.


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