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Miami Springs voters to decide the future of the city-s desnity. Here-s what the charter amendment appearing in Tuesday-s elections reads:

Any building that includes more than 2 residential dwelling units shall not exceed 3 stories and a maximum of 40-feet in height?

Those in favor argue that this restriction is necessary to keep Miami Springs a quiet, low-traffic, residential gem in the middle of greater miami. Others argue, we-ll be stuck with the slum areas near northwest 36 street if we don-t make any changes.

Here are some quotes from today-s Herald.
Miami Springs has not only survived, progressed and prospered over the many years since Glenn H. Curtiss founded it in 1926 without these types of high-rise projects, but can continue to do so well into the next century as the green oasis in the middle of an urban concrete jungle. – Martin Marquez

Today most of our country is searching for what so many of us living in Miami Springs take for granted on a daily basis. As new generations of residents make Miami Springs their home we must first and foremost note that they have moved to our beautiful city for what we have, and who we are. Not for what some outside influence wants us to be. – Noel Pereda

The struggle to maintain our town-s character is a constant battle and one that will be determined on Tuesday. If we want to maintain the current codes, we-ll see our property values continue to rise and with the resultant tax base, be able to maintain the quality and character that has become the envy of all of Miami-Dade County. – Buzz Fleischman

Our quality of life is something to envy. We have a great place to raise families. Only we can keep it that way. I hope that as many of our citizens as possible will vote for Miami Springs on Tuesday. I hope you will vote for the charter amendment and, thereby, make a statement that this is where we live and we, the people, will control the future growth and development in our community. – Paul Dotson



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