We reported earlier this month that Miami-Dade Police had recovered the body of a white male in the canal that is just west of the railroad tracks and parallel to the Ludlam canal.  Now, according to an article by Theo Karantsalis and published in The Miami Herald, the victim has been identified as a “Hispanic male between the age of 30 to 45.”  The article also described the body as “heavily disfigured” and missing a left hand.

According to the story, Miami-Dade Police is looking for assistance from the public to help identify the victim as they continue their investigation.  If you have any information about the event or know of a missing male that fits the description, you are urged to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305.471.TIPS.

Tap to read Theo’s full report here.

Miami-Dade Police confirmed that a dead body was found floating in the canal parallel to the train tracks on the opposite side of Miami Springs.  Miami-Dade Police were at the scene.  Included were three of Miami-Dade’s Underwater Water Recovery Team Trucks.

Miami-Dade Police Underwater Recovery Team

According to Miami-Dade Police, a citizen reported a body found floating in the canal at approximately 2:15pm.  The body was found in the canal that flows under the bridge after the train tracks.  It was not the Ludlam canal in Miami Springs.  It was the parallel canal just west of the train tracks.


Local media from Telemundo and from WSVN were on the scene to report back to viewers.

While we were there, we could see the Miami-Dade Police Underwater Recovery Teams attempting to setup a rope to retrieve the body.  At this time, police could only tell us it was a single body.  No word on sex, age, race, etc.

Below, you can see two of the three Miami-Dade Police Underwater Rescue Teams that were on the scene.

Medley Police also showed up to lend a hand.

Below you can see two of the Miami-Dade Police Underwater Rescue Teams arriving at the scene.

Naturally, Miami-Dade Police had the scene cordoned off to pedestrians.

Below you can see a view from the bridge facing the canal where the body was found.

The body was not visible from our vantage point and out of respect for the family, we wouldn’t want to show that anyways.

Miami-Dade Police would initially be able to share the sex of the body after it was retrieved, but it would be some time before they were able to determine the identity of the body and cause of death.  As you might expect, the investigation will be ongoing.





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