Milam’s Markets continues to serve the Miami Springs community by enhancing and adjusting their product selection based on quality and consumer demand.


Tumaro’s offers low-carb and low-cal wraps for healthy eating.  You can find Tumaro’s in the deli department.


Preferred Partner

Milam’s continues to discover and grow their fine wine selection.  Their latest introduction was founded by Roxana Garcia and Diana Espinosa.  They invite you to celebrate life with the new Roxxxy Pino-Chardonnay.

Clyde’s Donuts

When you’re in the mood to cheat from your diet, treat yourself to Clyde’s donuts.  Clyde’s donuts are from a family owned and operated organization.  These glazed donuts will melt in your mouth and have you wondering where the entire box went!

Milam's Markets in Miami Springs

Preferred Partners
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Milam's Markets in Miami Springs
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