The Miami Springs Senior High Wrestling Team is seeking your support to help out the wrestling team and to purchase new safety equipment.  They recently setup a GoFundMe page to help acquire the funds to purchase updated safety equipment for the team.

Here’s the story as posted on the GoFundMe page:

“For the previous 35 years, the Miami Springs Senior High School Wrestling team was efficiently led by the now retired, Coach David Ryan. Coach Ryan was recently inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and was capable of consistently leading wrestlers to compete in the FHSAA state wrestling tournament. Although times have changed, the MSSH Wrestling program has been handed down to a pair of coaches that are former Miami Springs Wrestlers. 

Head Coach Richard Garcia and Assistant Coaches David Sanchez and Joel Duran are new to coaching, fundraising, and organizing; the key components needed to lead a successful team. Currently our team practices on mats that are older than every student athlete on the team. The majority of our mats are torn and held together with duct tape, to make matters worse they have been responsible for multiple injuries in this season alone. 

Additionally, due to public school funding constraints we are running on a low supply of headgear (headgear protects the kids’ ears from becoming deformed) and wrestling shoes. Regular running shoes cannot be worn on the wrestling mat. Our biggest concern for our athletes is the risk of injury due to our wasted mats, no student athlete should be injured due to faulty equipment. As a matter of fact, the mats being used today are the same mats Head Coach Garcia used in the 90’s. 

We need support, and the donations raised here will be used to purchase mats, headgears, wrestling shoes, and USA Wrestling memberships (which allows our student athletes to participate in freestyle tournaments).”

To donate and support the team, click here.


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