Miami-Dade County had a significant drop in new cases over the last 7 days.  We went from nearly 20,000 new cases the prior week to just 11,254 new cases in the last 7 days.  That’s still a lot of cases, but clearly a positive sign to see the decrease.

Fatalities in the county remained high last week with 191 new fatalities, but that’s down from the nearly 300 fatalities we saw the prior week.

Hospitalizations from COVID-19 hit a record in Miami-Dade County with nearly 700 new hospitalizations last week.  That’s a record for Miami-Dade County.


Locally, we’ve seen a reduction in the number of new cases within our zip code.  That’s a good sign.  Clearly, we’re no where near out of the woods, but it’s promising to see a decrease in the number of new cases within our area.  That puts the total number of cases within our zip code at 1,402.  We estimate Miami Springs now has about 771 confirmed cases or roughly 6% of our population.


The Florida Department of Health added another fatality from Fair Havens in the last 7 days.  That puts the total number of fatalities from Fair Havens at 52.  Fair Havens remains the nursing home with the second highest number of fatalities in the State of Florida.


The number of new cases of the coronavirus in the State of Florida came down again last week.  We had 52,000 new cases last week.  That’s down from the peak rate of over 80,000 new cases a few weeks ago.

The State of Florida had 1,042 new fatalities last week.  That’s down from the prior week’s high of 1,250 fatalities from the coronavirus in the State of Florida.  However, it’s still the second highest week of fatalities in Florida since the start of the pandemic.

Bottom line:

Cases are coming down.  Fatalities are still too high.  Continue to social distance and stay at least 6′ apart.  Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.  Wear a mask.  As cases come down, we can hopefully reduce the number of fatalities and hospitalizations.

Stay safe everybody.


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