According to the Miami Springs Police Department, a homeowner received an alert from their surveillance camera on May 14, 2023, capturing an unknown individual walking on their property. According to MSPD, the homeowner was out of town. They immediately notified their house sitter of the suspicious activity. Unfortunately, by the time the house sitter arrived at the scene, both the subject and several personal belongings, including the homeowner’s vehicle, had disappeared. The house itself bore the marks of a disheveled intrusion, leaving behind a sense of violation.

Burglary Suspect: Ariel Galindo

The following day, on May 15th, Miami-Dade Police Department officers made a significant breakthrough. They spotted Galindo allegedly driving a stolen Ram 1500 truck in the area of NW 56th Street and 27th Avenue. To their astonishment, the vehicle allegedly still contained the personal property that Galindo had allegedly taken from the residence the day before. Without hesitation, the Miami-Dade Police Department swiftly arrested Galindo, charging him with Grand Theft Auto. The stolen vehicle was towed, serving as evidence in the ongoing investigation.

The Miami Springs Police was notified of the arrest and were able to bring additional charges against Galindo, including Burglary of an Unoccupied Dwelling and Possession of Prescription Blanks for Controlled Substances.


Ariel Galindo

Folks, if you see something suspicious, even if it’s on your surveillance camera, don’t call the house sitter first. Call the Miami Springs Police Department at 305.888.9711.  It might be something innocuous like someone sitting in your front lawn having lunch.  But you never know when that suspicious activity then turns into trespassing, theft, or as in this case, alleged home invasion.

It’s our job as residents to keep our community safe by being the eyes and ears that reports suspicious behavior to the police.

Unfortunately, details were not released as to what area of Miami Springs did this alleged home invasion occur.

Booking Date 05/15/2023 16:18
Race W
Sex M
DOB 12/08/1982
Hair BLK
Weight 130
Height 5′ 7″
IDS 2047438
Location MWDC


Case Number: F23009872 Desc: STANDARD BOND Bond: $ 5000 **
Comment Case: PC FOUND CT1 5K
Charge: GRAND THEFT 2ND DEG/ 20K><100K
Case Number: F23009922 Desc: STANDARD BOND Bond: $ 11000 **
Comment Case: PC FOUND CT1 10K CT2 1K
Bond Information
Charge Satisfied: No
Bond Submitted:

Reminder:  All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  Everyone accused of a crime deserves their due process and day in court.


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