CIMA Medical Center in Miami Springs shares some of their health expertise with some health tips to protect your newborn baby’s skin from soaring temperatures this summer.

    During the hot season, your baby may sweat. Bathing your baby regularly, at least twice a day or more if your baby likes to bathe, will keep your baby comfortable and help them sleep better. The water should be lukewarm and not too cold. Always check the water temperature before bathing your baby. Pay special attention to washing your baby’s neck, armpits and all folds in your baby’s skin, while bathing. Pat your baby dry well afterwards.
    Ensure that you make your baby wear only cotton clothes which can breathe. Synthetic clothes may increase your baby’s discomfort and cause rashes.
    Avoid getting your baby dehydrated. Even though your baby does not sweat, s/he loses fluids. Rapid breathing, restlessness, warm skin, a flushed face are some signs of a baby being dehydrated.

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