30,839 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the State of Florida.   Of those, 4,849 have required hospitalization or 16%.  Florida has had 1,055 fatalities or a 3.4% fatality rate based on confirmed cases. As you can see below, the sunshine state has had a lower fatality rate compared to states like Michigan (9% fatality) and Connecticut (8% fatality).  We are also doing better in sheer numbers compared to high density areas of New York and New Jersey.


Miami-Dade has 11,005 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.  We’ve had 1,265 hospitalizations within the County or a 12% hospitalization rate.  The fatality rate in the County is at 2.7%.  Those ratios are based on the number of confirmed cases.  However, the results of the University of Miami study have estimated that approximately 6% of the County population has already acquired the Coronavirus COVID-19.  That would be 165,000 Miami-Dade residents.  By that count, our hospitalization rate is less than 1% with a mortality rate of just 0.2%.  Put it another way, that’s a survival rate of 99.8%.  We hope this leads to expanded antibody testing to determine not just who has it now, but who already contracted it in the past.

Furthermore, you can see in the chart below that the number of new cases by day has come down from the highs of early April.  We hope to see this graph go down further.


There are now 89 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus within our zip code, 33166. Miami Springs represents 55% of the population within our zip code.

Referring back to the University of Miami study that claims that 6% of Miami-Dade County have already had the Coronavirus, that would extrapolate to 6% of the 14,315 Miami Springs residents, or 859 residents who may have already contracted the Coronavirus.

What the UM study tells us is that the Coronavirus is even more contagious, but not as fatal as the numbers initially indicate.  It also tells us that we must continue to stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask in public areas, and wash our hands repeatedly for a minimum of 20 seconds.




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