#1 – Reason We LOVE Miami Springs – Small Town Feel

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami SpringsPeople have been referring to Miami Springs as Mayberry, the fictional small town from the Andy Griffith show of the 1960s, for decades.  And that’s because Miami Springs is a small town with a warm and loving small town feel.  A small town where people know and care for one another.

Let’s start with the facts.  Miami Springs is just 3 square miles with an estimated population of just 14,000 residents.  To put that into perspective, you could fit every Miami Springs resident inside the American Airlines Arena and still have 7,000 seats available.

Compare Miami Springs to its neighbors:

  • The City of Miami has 435,579 residents
  • The City of Hialeah has 236,387 residents
  • The City of Doral has 60,000 residents

The Village of Virginia Gardens has 2,500 residents, though, many consider the small town (which used to be part of Miami Springs) as one and the same.

It’s not just the numbers…there’s something more…something special…

The small town feel is more than just a small place with a small population.  It’s the neighbors, the relationships, and the people.  The fact that residents live in Miami Springs for decades builds bonds that last generations.

Miami Springs is not a transient town.  People move to stay for the rest of their lives in many cases.  That helps to build long term roots in the community.

A true community is based on faith, family, and friends.  And that’s what Miami Springs is all about.  Despite being just 3 square miles, Miami Springs has a strong faith-based community with a variety of churches serving the community for decades.

Small towns are also about strong family bonds.  It’s not uncommon to find residents who have multiple family members who slowly move into the area, one family unit at a time, one house at a time.  It’s also common to find 2nd and even 3rd generation residents who’ve spent most of their lives living in Miami Springs.

One of the things that gives Miami Springs that small town feel are the strong friendships created within the community.  It’s easy to find little league and soccer coaches who themselves used to play in the same fields passing on the tradition to the next generation.  It’s common to find parents who were schoolmates or teammates with the teachers, coaches, and even preachers of their children.

But even those who may be new in the neighborhood…those who have not built those lasting bonds…they still appreciate the low density, low crime, low traffic, small town feel of Miami Springs.  The tree lined streets, the small local businesses, and the pride people have to live and work in our beautiful small town known as Miami Springs.    

Common things we hear from people who discover Miami Springs for the first time include:

  • What a beautiful small town!
  • I never knew this existed.
  • Miami Springs is a hidden gem.
  • What a cute, quaint town.

Here’s what’s clear.  There is no single thing that give Miami Springs its unique Small Town Charm.  It’s a combination of factors that makes the formula work.

But there’s no denying, the Miami Springs community LOVES the small town feel and small town charm that is Miami Springs.

The challenge to current residents is to keep that same small town charm for generations to come.

May God Bless You and May God Bless Miami Springs!

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