Should the City of Miami Springs buy the Clune / Stadnik building?  That was a question posed by Councilwoman Maria Mitchell at a recent City of Miami Springs City Council meeting.

Stadnik Building for Sale

Theo Karantsalis recently reported in The Miami Herald about the divide within the City of Miami Springs council on whether or not the City of Miami Springs should explore the possibility of purchasing the historic Stadnik building currently for sale in Miami Springs.

As posted earlier this month, the Stadnik building is one of seven Miami Springs properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  (Noticeably absent from the list is the Fair Havens building.) We also reported on how the Stadnik building is currently for sale for $1.25 million.  

According to Theo’s report, Mitchell, Best, and Zapata voted for reviewing the viability of purchasing the property.  Bain and Petralanda voted against the idea.

What do you think?  Should the City of Miami Springs purchase the Stadnik building currently on the market?  If so, what should the City of Miami Springs do with the property?  Turn it into another multi-use building?  Use it for the Community Policing office?  Share your thoughts below or on social media.



  1. At this point saving it seems so important as this one particular structure is part of the identity of Miami Springs. Its already sad enough to lose one Adobe building to developers. I wouldn’t want to live here if we sold our downtown. Personally it would be nicer as a privately owned building available for shops and dining, but council has to have complete initiative in protecting these types of buildings. If not, they are not living for the true spirit of Miami Springs and personally don’t deserve their titles of power in the city, for at that point its understood that they are being bought and funded by developers that have no interest in our quality of life.


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