According to a report published by the Florida Department of Health and shared by the City of Miami Springs, Fair Havens has 106 reported cases of the Coronavirus.  According to the report, 89 residents are positive with another 17 staff members testing positive.  That’s 106 cases combined.

Fair Havens

Earlier this week, we were surprised to see the number of Coronavirus cases jump from 89 within our zip code (33166) to 186 total cases.  Some had speculated it might be due to TGK.  And while TGK may have its issues, we have a far scarier issue right here at home with 106 cases hitting some of the most fragile Miami Springs residents.

According to the report, Fair Havens has the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 than any other Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home within Miami-Dade County.

View the complete report.

Fair Havens During Coronavirus



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