Everyone in Miami Springs and V.G. knows about Milam’s Market, in the heart of Miami Springs, right on the Circle.  The Milam family bought the grocery store (which you might remember used to be a Piggly Wiggly) and made it their own.  They invested in the property giving it a facelift and improving the shopping experience.

Now there are certain things that make Milam’s Markets different.  Here’s our list of the 10 Things We Love About Milam’s Markets:

1:  It’s A Family Grocery

Milam’s Markets isn’t run by a bunch of big wigs that operate in an ivory tower several states away.  Milam’s is a family operation.  Their headquarters are right here in Miami Springs, across the street from the grocery store.  The entire family spends time working inside the stores, interacting with customers, and sampling products.  The entire customer experience is important to the family and it shows.

2:  Easy Parking

Getting in and out of Milam’s Parking is a piece of cake.  With four entrances and exits and plenty of parking.  I know some folks fret if they have to park close to the Subways, but that’s far closer than most people park at a big box chain.  Bottom line, parking is easier at Milam’s than virtually any other supermarket in the area.  (Don’t get me started on the parking at the Hialeah Drive Publix.)


3:  Easy Checkout

Paying at Milam’s is typically a cinch.  Usually, there’s no line.  You just walk up to the cashier and pay.  If you have to wait, it’s usually behind just one person.  And once you get to more than that, you can usually see the cashier’s asking for assistance to open another cashier.  Sure, there’s always an exception, but by in large you can count on getting in and getting out quickly at the Miami Springs Milam’s Market.

4:  Friendly Staff

The staff at Milam’s is always willing to help.  The employees at Milam’s are typically your neigbors.  They live in our community and not only want to do their job, but they genuinely want to help you find what you need.

5:  Huge Selection

For being a local, family, neighborhood grocery store, Milam’s Markets has an incredible selection.  From produce to meats to seafood to…candies?  Milam’s has a huge selection available to Miami Springs all year long.  (Sebastian loves Milam’s candy selection.)

6:  Flowers

Call me a sap, but I enjoy walking in and seeing the beautiful flowers and orchids when I come into the store.  It reminds me that I should bring home some flowers to my wife.  It makes it convenient to come through with a last minute list of items to “pick up on your way home” and add the surprise of flowers to the list.

7:  Cuban Bread

it’s a Miami must-have.  You need your Cuban bread.  And Milam’s has the best Cuban bread in the community.  Served in the plastic wrapping that lets you keep your bread fresh (instead of turning into a baseball bat in 24 hours.)  We know it’s a tiny little thing, but it’s the little things that make a big difference.

8:  Kid Friendly

Whether it’s the Customer In Training shopping carts or the Girl Scouts selling cookies just outside the store, you can tell that Milam’s is a family organization that loves and appreciates children.

9:  Quality Products

Whether it’s ice cream, dairy, meats, seafood, or produce, Miami Springs residents count on the fresh quality products Milam’s sources every day of the year.  Plus, Milam’s doesn’t stop with just the staples.  The entire team strives to provide you the freshest, highest quality products every day.

Plus, Milam’s doesn’t stop with just the staples.  They work hard to bring you premium products like Dwyane Wade’s line of fine wines.

10:  Community Commitment

You will not find another business more committed to the community than Milam’s Markets.  Whether it’s raising money for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, helping support the victim’s of Hurricane Dorian, or simply supporting the Girl Scouts, Milam’s has always come through to help our community.  For that, we say thank you for your continuous commitment to our community.

BONUS ITEM:  The Social Visit

Milam’s is no doubt easy to get in and out.  However, sometimes, visiting Milam’s can be a social affair.  You run into your neighbors, a colleague, friend from church, an old friend from high school, a fellow school parent, teachers, kids’ coaches, etc etc.  This makes visiting Milam’s a social affair.  For many, it adds to the friendliness of living in a tight knit community where everyone knows everyone.  (Okay, let’s admit it.  Sometimes, we’re in an anti-social mood and just want to get in and out of Milam’s.)  But how many times have we not left Milam’s with a smile happier for having visited and running into someone who made us smile or laugh?  This is part of the beauty of living in beautiful Miami Springs.

Now, I know there will always be someone that has had a bad experience.  Imagine that.  A story that opens nearly every day of the year.  It’s open 7 days a week from early in the morning till late at night.  An organization with hundreds of employees and hundreds of vendors, and thousands of customers will inevitably have a mistake that happens and/or an issue that comes up.  Not one single organization in America is perfect.  But we’re proud to have Milam’s in our neighborhood because we know they care and strive hard every day in an attempt to be perfect for its customers every day.



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