#13 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Miami Springs Police Department

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami SpringsOne of the special characteristics of Miami Springs is that we have our own police force.  Miami Springs Police are a unique group of men and women who LOVE our community and LOVE helping the residents.  Many of the officers are residents of our city and work hard day and night to make sure our city is safe.

I can speak from personal experience, if you have an emergency, the Miami Springs Police Department will arrive faster in Miami Springs, than virtually any other neighborhood.  I can tell you, in the handful of cases where we needed help fast, they were at our home in less than three minutes.  It does not get faster than that.

Furthermore, in cases where it was not an emergency, they were still at my home in less than 5 minutes.  Good luck getting a cop to attend to you in less than 30 minutes on a non-emergency call in unincorporated Miami-Dade County.

Friendly and professional.  Our police force is known to being very friendly with residents.  I’ll share two stories:

I had a large Argentine Mastiff (Dogo) that had escaped my yard when a neighbor’s construction project accidentally broke through the fence.   The dog took off like a rocket enjoying his tour of Miami Springs.  He was quickly picked up by a very sweet female police officer who brought him back to my home in the back of the police cruiser.  She was incredible.  Not only was she not afraid of the massive dog.  She didn’t let him go until she gave my big Mastiff a huge hug.

How many police departments do that?

In another case, I reported a threatening phone scam to the Police Department.  Sure enough, they were at my home in mere minutes.  While I’m sharing the information with the officer, my young son had come out wearing his police costume.  The Miami Springs Police Officer smiled and allowed him to turn on the lights of the patrol car.

That’s the kind of loving care our Miami Springs Police Officers have for our community.  And it’s the kind of love for community you just don’t find anywhere else.

Miami Springs Police are Professional and Friendly, but they are also FIRM if you are breaking the law or speeding.  Take it from the “Legend” Don Mazzone (below right) who made a name for himself keeping speeders in check.

Retired Officer Don Mazzone at right.
Retired Officer Don Mazzone at right.

For residents, our police force provides reassurance that our neighborhood is safe, 24 hours a day.  And our residents know that should the need arise to request an officer, the brave men and women who protect our streets will respond immediately to assist in your time of need.

The Miami Springs Police Department is always willing to lend a hand.  Below is a one of Miami Springs’ finest providing assistance during the River Ride at the annual Miami Springs River Festival.

Below is Miami Springs Police Chief Guzman assisting the Miami Springs Bike Ride for Charity supporting TeamDaniella.

Below you’ll see the MSPD working together during the annual River Cities Festival.