#14 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Unique and Beautiful Homes

MiTop 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami Springsami Springs has a wide variety of unique and beautiful homes.  From small and charming 2 bed, 1 bath homes, to incredibly luxurious mansions on the golf course.  Furthermore, unlike some modern developments where every single house is virtually identical to the home next to it, each Miami Springs home has its own charm and flavor.  Plus, as an older community, our homes tend to have significantly larger lots than homes in nearby Doral.  Our homes have plenty of room to add a pool and still have a back yard.

Furthermore, families that want to enjoy Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic waters are not allowed to have a boat in many communities.  While Miami Springs is rightfully very strict on making sure boats are parked in the back yard, the fact that so many homes have large lots to park a boat, trailer, or even an RV, makes Miami Springs an ideal place to live for the adventurous family that’s wants a nice home, a nice community, and some nice toys, neatly parked in the rear yard.

Of course, the most unique home in all of Miami Springs is the Glenn Curtiss Mansion.  The Pueblo-Revival or some call Alamo style homes was part of the unique look Glenn Curtiss wanted for the Miami Springs area.  It is a unique residence used now for weddings and corporate events.

Many Miami Springs homes have been upgraded and modernized with their own unique designs.

The following home was completely redone by BDC Construction and turned what was a modest home into a luxurious mansion.

The following home located on Hunting Lodge has a gorgeous entrance to a large golf course estate.

You don’t have to live on the golf course to enjoy a beautiful piece of real estate, like the example shown below.

This Pinecrest home shows the unique style that is what Miami Springs homeowners love.

The following home again shares its own unique design.  Miami Springs is not a cookie cutter community.   Each home is absolutely distinct.

Even this smaller property definitely has its own rustic charm.

Not into rustic, spanish, or ultra modern?  How about this more colonial style residence?

Here’s the bottom line:  Miami Springs has a beautiful home that matches your style just waiting for you.  Contact the Miami Springs real estate experts at The Leonard Real Estate Group for help in making a Miami Springs home a reality for you.