Congratulations to Blessed Trinity Catholic Church’s, Father Alfaro, who¬†recently completed the grueling 2019 Spartan Race in Mulberry, Florida.

Father Alfaro offered the race for the sick, hurting and suffering.

Father Alfaro was joined by members of the Blessed Trinity Parish Festival, including Ernesto Sosa Jr, Tico Matamoros, Raymond Valdes-Denis, Landy Lamas, Natalie Calvo and Raquel Plasencia.

In the photo below, you can see Father Alfaro approaching one of the fire obstacles.

Congratulations to Father Alfaro and all the members of the Blessed Trinity Parish who participated in this incredibly rigorous race.


Father Alfaro competed in the Spartan Beast.¬† ¬†Here’s the description of the Spartan Beast:

The Beast is a demanding race designed to test even the most seasoned athletes. This course is for competitors looking to turn up the heat and for teams who are ready to push each other through moments of doubt, all the way to the finish line.

The Beast may be Half Marathon, but don’t make the mistake of comparing it to a half-marathon. We’re going to throw 30 obstacles at you along the way, so it might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Running a Beast is not just a competition against others: it’s a competition against yourself.


Check out some of the videos from the race posted to the Blessed Trinity Catholic Church’s Facebook page:


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