Congratulations to Maria Mitchell for the great work she has done on City Council. She has qualified to run for Mayor of Miami Springs. No one else qualified to run against her and thus she is the 1st female Mayor-Elect of Miami Springs.  Congratulations Maria!

1ast Female Mayor Elect of Miami Springs
1ast Female Mayor Elect of Miami Springs

Bob Best, who has served on Council for nearly 14 years (not consecutively) is also running unopposed for City Council Group I.  Congratulations Bob!

Bob Best Opening Ceremonies
Miami Springs City Councilman Bob Best

Walter Fajet, who was elected last fall, will continue to serve in the Group III seat as he is also running unopposed.  Congratulations Walter!

Dr. Walter Fajet
Miami Springs City Councilman Dr. Walter Fajet


Local real estate broker, Jacky Bravo, is running for Seat II.

Jacky Bravo
Jacky Bravo

Vivian Rey also qualified to run for the Group II seat being vacated by Maria Mitchell.


Vincent Medel, known locally as the president of the Miami Springs Republican Club, has qualified to run for the Group IV Seat.

Vincent will be facing off against Victor Vazquez (another V).  According to his website, “Dr. Victor Vazquez is Professor of History at Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus.”


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