The time is NOW to make improvements to Miami Springs.  Not only will Miami Springs reach its centennial celebration, but the World Cup is coming the same year.  Our proximity to the airport and our convenient hotels mean we have some work to do to beautify the community and make it worthy of a grand celebration.

Hard Rock Stadium Miami
Hard Rock Stadium Miami

What improvements should Miami Springs make by 2026?

We want your thoughts and feedback on the most important improvements the City should make now in to prepare for our 100 year anniversary AND the 2026 World Cup.  Please add your feedback in the comments section below or via social media.  Some of you have some amazing ideas to make this City spectacular.  Let’s hear ’em.

36 Street Hotel Crackdown

With the World Cup coming, you know it’s going to attract human trafficking to Miami.  Let’s be proactive now and use Federal, State, County, and local resources to put a full court press on human trafficking surrounding the airport.  A highly visible campaign will help dissuade the seedier elements from using Miami Springs.

Parkway Inn Airport Motel Shooting

Furthermore, we need to use everything in code enforcement and the City Attorney’s office to pressure and/or shut down the hotels that have habitually caused problems.

Ask for more police funding.  Whether it’s from Federal Grants, State Dollars, County resources, or God-willing, a bed tax, we need to get more funding to increase the police presence now.  Now’s the time to start looking for it.

Promote the Country Club Community

Glenn Curtiss knew it all along.  Miami Springs is a Country Club Community.  That’s why Miami Springs wasn’t originally called Miami Springs.  It was originally called “Country Club Estates.”

Miami Springs Golf Course (Copyright
Miami Springs Golf Course (Copyright

Well, we need to promote our “Country Club Community” and the beautiful amenities we enjoy to all the locals, visitors, and tourists who drive along busy NW 36th Street and LeJeune Road every day.  Even more so when the World Cup comes to town.

Whether we create elegant bronze signs, use bus benches, or place those signs they hang from the street lamps, we need to start telling people about the beautiful Golf Course and Country Club Community that exists behind the hotels on NW 36th Street.

Statue of Glenn Curtiss on Curtiss Parkway

Glenn Curtiss seated in aircraft

The time is now to start the fundraising for a Glenn Curtiss Monument along Curtiss Parkway.  A daredevil visionary and creative genius who set world records for speed and turned aviation into a modern industry.  The founder of Miami Springs and namesake of the Curtiss Mansion should have a statute that looks to the sky as he faces towards Miami International Airport watching the planes take off and land. We’ve gotta get this done by 2026.

Glenn Curtiss the Fastest Man on Earth on his V-8 Motorcycle

Beautify the Entry Ways to Miami Springs

At Monday’s Miami Springs City Council Meeting there was discussion of adding additional foliage at our entry ways to better define and enhance the beauty of Miami Springs.  We fully support these efforts.  There has also been discussion of adding architectural elements in the Pueblo Revival style at our entry ways.  They might be towers or gates or arches. Below is an example of the entry towers to the Curtiss Mansion.  Coral Gables has beautiful entries into its city.  It would be beautiful if Miami Springs would add elements like this at various entry points into our city.

Entrance to the Curtiss Mansion Historic Photo
Entrance to the Curtiss Mansion

New Bandstand at Circle

The Gazebo has served as a classic icon at the center of our city for decades.  Unfortunately, it’s too small for the typical live band performances.  In fact, for the annual River Festival, a temporary stage is brought in with the appropriate size, lighting and electrical equipment.

Miami Springs Band Stand
Miami Springs Band Stand

Again, Glenn Curtiss shows his ideas were ahead of his time.  The Circle originally had a big, pueblo-revival themed, band stand on the Circle.  It would be beautiful to embrace a similar design for our Circle with a large band stand that can host monthly, if not weekly, performances.  We’re talking about live bands, comedians, recitals, civic events, and much more performing live in the heart of our City.

Miami Springs Band Stand
Miami Springs Band Stand
Miami Springs Band Stand
Miami Springs Band Stand

Your thoughts / opinions

These are just five concepts of what we might accomplish by 2026 and the 100 year anniversary of the City of Miami Springs and the simultaneous arrival of the World Cup to Miami.  However, we know there are even greater ideas out there.  What do you think?  What should the City do to beautify the area in preparation for the city’s centennial?  What should we do in advance of the arrival of the World Cup in 2026.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below or via social media.


  1. It is long overdue that Miami Springs close as many of the streets as possible that lead in Miami Springs. If we can control the flow of outsiders into our neighborhood we can make Miami Springs the safest neighborhood in Dade County.

    As an added bonus, our property value would fly through the roof. We don’t need to close all road. With the proper signage we could make the Springs only accesible through 2 roads; Curtis and the bridge coming in from Hialeah (Which should be closed to, but one step at a time)

    Lets do it. Lets make Miami Springs as safe and clean as we can.


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