The number of new Coronavirus cases per day in the State of Florida continues to decrease and the graph of new cases continues to go down.  This is great news as it appears we’ve been able to prevent overwhelming our health care systems and save lives.

Here’s the quick recap of the numbers.  Over 23,000 cases statewide.  15% of those people have required hospitalization in the state.  3% of people who have caught Coronavirus in the State of Florida have perished for a total of 668 fatalities.

Over 8,000 cases in the County.  781 people have required hospitalization or 9.4%.  The fatality rate has increased to 2.2% for a total of 183 deaths within Miami-Dade.

The Florida Department of Health has a report with each municipality and the number of cases within that municipality.  That report lists Miami Springs with just 2 cases. That same report lists 1 case in Kendall and even shows Davie as a city within Miami-Dade County.  (Technically, Kendall isn’t even a municipality and we all know Kendall has far more cases and Davie is a city in Broward.  Point is, the municipal report has flaws.)  Yet, in the zip code report, it shows our zip code, 33166, has 60 cases of the Coronavirus.  Bottom line, the municipality report is not accurate because it’s over reporting “Miami” and under reporting certain areas.  The zip code report is more accurate in terms of identifying where the virus has spread.  Miami Springs represents 55% of the population within zip code 33166.  So, you can estimate  a 55% share of the 60 cases within our zip code.  That would mean we probably have somewhere near 33 cases of the Coronavirus in our City.  But I’m sure the City of Miami Springs will continue to report that we only have 2 cases in our Miami Springs knowing full well, the Florida Department of Health report is full of flaws.



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